Saturday, May 5, 2012

Samsung Galaxy SIII vs Apple Iphone 4S Unveiling Event Review - one is a Cowboy, the other is an Android.

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It sees. Listens. And responds. That seems to be the tagline for the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy SIII. I love the philosophy behind the smartphone. To launch such an anticipated product, Samsung definitely spent a small fortune in the unveiling event. Personally, I enjoy watching these type of presentations, because you get an idea of the company and its culture. Of course, Apple's Iphone 4S is the closest competitor to Samsung. I've also watched the unveiling of the Iphone 4S, and found these 2 giant companies are greatly different in their style of presentations. Below are the links to various events I've attended:

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Samsung fully uses the filmic element in portraying drama in its launch. There's plenty of video at the background. Compared to Apple's presentation, the drama element is more the presenter's job. Steve Jobs, for example, is the prime dramatic element in the whole brand - his fiery personality that drives innovation in the company. It has a "Demo" section, so the video part of the presentation feels more perfunctory. For Samsung, their drama element is more fantastic, infusing plenty of soothing shots. Apple's drama element still exists but more on its leader, Steve Jobs and the story that drives the product range.

The event unveiling of the Samsung Galaxy SIII feels more like a red carpet event. There's an orchestra playing at the side. I love the huge cinema screen at the background. An Apple unveiling event, on the other hand, is more enclosed. The audience would cheered and shouted with joy whenever a new feature is announced, unlike Samsung's, where most of the audience is pretty much a quieter group. But both brands share a similar presentation tactic: Samsung and Apple unveils their commercial at the event itself.

The Samsung presenters looked very corporate, even their presentations seem too rehearsed. There was a little mishap, if you notice, when its Marketing Director blurted out the word "Sounds bizarre" on the smartphone's ring tone during the presentation. For an observant viewer, this might not be acceptable because it might counteracts with the main purpose of the unveiling event. Being a Korean company, I'm surprised to see mostly European presenters. I supposed their target market is skewed towards more the West. For Apple, the presenters are all Americans, hence the very gung-ho, can-do energy. The Apple presenters wear sneakers, jeans and shirts - totally the opposite of Samsung. If Apple is the market leader, then its presentation should sound more like Samsung's. But if Samsung is the underdog, then it should sound more like Apple's.

In conclusion, I feel Apple is more emotionally-driven in its presentation compared to Samsung, which is more corporate in its delivery. But I am truly amaze at the ambience aspect of the Samsung unveiling event, which is truly epic and magical (thanks to the orchestra accompaniment), compared to Apple's more hometown feel (Cupertino). So will the unveiling of the upcoming Iphone 5 be bigger than Samsung's? I'm definitely seeing, listening and responding.
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