Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Pikom ICT Capsquare's Goody Bag is a scream. A review of what's outside because the insides are always better.

Contents of the goody bag.
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Everybody loves goody bags. We have become a breed of peoplep that cares about nothing except only what we can get for free. Don't care about creating a nurturing environment for everybody to grow mentally and holistically in the work place. Don't care if certain group of society is accused of tainting the morality of the country, without having concrete facts. Don't care about our own well being, only to work hard for money at the expense of our quality of life. This don't care attitude is being exploited by marketers and being used to lure consumers, which in turn makes the customer service also affected by the "don't care" attitude in their work.

Enough people on the line already.

End of the Line
People who goes for goody bags also have a reason for doing so, because it's possible that they are of minimum wage. A goody bag could possibly allow them get something they could enjoy, without having to pay, which is always a delight for the few. I was at ICT Pikom Capsquare 3-day launch event and they were giving out 100 goody bags for the first 100 visitors during that period. You see, I was more interested with the new Apple reseller store RM 1 promotion for a lucky draw at some of its third party products. Unfortunately, there's a limit for only the first 50 shopper, and I was the 51st, so I have to scoot out. Luckily that day, the goody bag queue is still not long, and I placed myself in that line instead. All of us have to produce our IC card and email to the registrar. There was this Malay man who came to collect the goody bag for the second time, and were asked to leave empty handed upon being found out that he collected already yesterday! Greedy *#@$.

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Barbie and Ken butchering my favorite song.
Lucky Number?
I also got a lucky draw number, which forces me to come back to the mall again in the afternoon. I suppose this was the advertising and promotion team's tactic in drawing crowds for that time. Seeing that I have to come back, I also registered myself for the Facebook Lucky Draw, where the grand prize was the new Ipad. I could tell you in advance that I win neither of the lucky draws, which was expected, knowing that lucky draws are always luckier for others. Or maybe some kind of nepotism was at play - seeing that the winners seem to be related with the sponsors' friend's friend? The Facebook Lucky Draw  requires me to log into my account and click "Like" on the mall's homepage. After smelling something fishy at the lucky draw, I quickly pop out my tablet and undo the "Like" button on my account.

Still not yet pop.
Balloon Blues
Knowing that I won't be getting anything expensive from this launch day, I fancied myself with a balloon being distributed by Darth Vader, one of the characters walking around the concourse in costume. The balloon was joined quite badly which came off easily at the top, but I still managed to keep the balloon intact all the way home, no popping. I'm truly proud of myself.

Upon reaching home, I took a quick nap, for I was feeling sleepy since waking up quite early that day. I also got the chance to leave the goody bag and balloon home. Funny how I managed to convince myself I might win a prize at the lucky draw on the way back to the mall. The crowds were swelling, and the host Joey was there. When he came up on the stage and asked who in the audience loves Angry Birds, I was ashamed to admit that I was the first person to raise my hand! Everybody in the crowd looked at me for a moment, and the host was surprised too that I was the only person in the crowd to raise my hand! Gosh, talk about being the only black sheep.

Who's this Miss World screaming?

Funnily degrading
In the middle of the afternoon, there was a drama group performing a comedy skit. A warning was announce by the main actress that the content of the skit is not suitable for children. Personally, I dislike comedy skit that downgrades others and making fun at their incompetence. And this comedy skit does exactly that! In certain degree, I do admit the content is true, but so many skits are doing that already. I don't find it funny at times, for the comedy skit is merely reflecting the negative aspect, and does nothing really to change the situation. Yes, we could all have some laughs, but a call for a revolutionary mind-changing action plan the skit is not.

I felt the skit were more self-indulgent in that the focus of the skit is nowhere. There were only one actress that seems to be getting all the "smart" dialogue and the other actors are merely jumping boards for the next joke. There was also an all-women quartet which sang songs with some famous Hollywood tunes thrown in with lyrics locally made to make all of us - well, degraded. From the songs, I've learned "new things" like bumiputra gets 40% off in their passport/IC renewal, there's a lot of impotent men in Malaysia and we're all racists?

Who's more handsome?
Hey, our skin tone's the same.
Delicious Inside
At the end of the day, the only saving grace is the goody bag. I cannot imagine what I've got! I'm still figuring how to use this little container of gel. The rest like the Hotlink pre-paid broadband comes quite handy when my usual data plan quota finished recently, except I always get the Hotlink homepage popping up and urging me to subscribe or top up one of their packages (horridly annoying). I also got the Senheiser earphones, albeit the lower end model, but still. The Super Junior 3D notebook courtesy of Hotlink looks interesting, though I don't use notebooks much since acquiring my tablet. There was also a Clark Hatch Fitness membership for a month, guess which center I'll be going. Haha, not telling.

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