Saturday, May 26, 2012

Don't get too hung over with your problems. There are others who are worst off than you. The act of Giving replenishes your soul.

The next competition to Low Yat Plaza
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There are basically 2 types of celebrity in Malaysia. The first type of celebrity is either born into a family of celebrities or already comes from a well-to-do family. The second is the everyday normal folks who happened to become a celebrity, sort of thrust into the limelight unknowingly or by accident. I belonged to the latter. I'm just like everybody else, a normal folk, who happened to become famous. Some people mistaken me for the former. You see, I was invited recently to a men's fashion show, but I found out later that I have to pay some fees in order to get in.

Living life moment by moment
It's not all that unfortunate, per se. I don't miss much about fashion, since having covered a number of shows already. Recently, since being quite piss poor, which is a wonderful thing I recommend to everyone reading here. You see, being someone with limited means, truly opens my mind to enjoy the moment. You could not afford to plan or predict the future, being someone of limited means. You just have to live day by day, and enjoying every moment that you have. And to me, that's the meaning of life. You never going to know what's happening next. You simply have to be prepared, and go with the flow.

New competition
Foreign workers taking a rest
I happened to be in Capsquare, now the name changed to Pikom ICT Capsquare. I was there before the name change, and there were some shops like hair salons, eyewear and other interesting shops selling specialty foods and toys. Apparently, none of the shop businesses survived, hence the total transformation into an electronics and gadgets mall, very much like Low Yat Plaza. I'm quite happy with this new mall, because I simply dreaded shopping at Low Yat Plaza - plenty of crowds and the salesperson harrasing you left and right. The new Pikom ICT Capsquare would prove to be a breath of fresh air.

Popcorns anyone?
I'm having a night!
Oh yes indeed. The air is fresher here. There was a huge screen erected at the entrance of the mall. And tonight was going to show a Star Wars movie. I really couldn't care much about the movies, but I enjoyed the ambience. There were sacks of colourful pillows for the public to sit on. I arrived on time, and the movie still haven't show yet - so I quickly found a nice sack (bright yellow colour) and made myself comfortable. The view was perfect - the movie screen just right at my eye level.

Multi-tasking in comfort
But I have to wait for almost an hour for the movie to start. I was happy to not waste my time, and instead did some work on my tablet. The sack were truly comfortable to sit on, or rather to rest my whole body on top of it. I could see the night sky so clearly, and of course there weren't any stars tonight. But to be able to rest so comfortably in a busy city like Kuala Lumpur is truly a wonderful moment to savor and enjoy. I mean, this is what it means to have quality of life! Nobody to invite you to some obnoxious fashion party, or some pretentious host to soothe talk you into making an expensive purchase. Please click on the links below for past events I've attended:

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My little picnic
Giving is better
Things just got better. A few moments before the show were to start, Starbucks gave out small complimentary cups of iced chocolate. That quickly reminded me to bring out my food and have some on the spot! It feels almost like a picnic, with all my stuff to keep me occupied. Soon, more folks began to gather. I noticed a majority of the public there were Pakistani or Bangladeshi workers, due to the various construction sites that are still on-going. Sometimes when I think of how piss poor I've become, they reminded me that there are others who are in far poorer situations than I am.  After spending like an hour or more there, I felt it was time to leave the place. I gestured to the Pakistani worker sitting next to me, and gave him my yellow sack. This feeling of giving lingers longer than anything else I've ever felt in my life.

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PS: Next week I'm attending a men's fashion show, so stay tuned on my blog. Perhaps I might review it for you here, but be prepared that the men will be clad in their intimates.

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