Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Oh, Internet Warrior of the Future - these facts will guide your new Ipad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Kindle Fire and all future touchscreen devices of the future. Read now or be obsolete.

This article you're about to read is going to endure the test of time, and be relevant and useful for centuries to come - to your children, your children's children and grand grand children. Seriously.
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This year has been touted as the year of the tablet war. Samsung with its gorgeous tablet 7.7 super AMOLED screen, Toshiba's Excite 7.7 and Apple's super Retina Display on its new Ipad (no more numerical title like Ipad 3 or a bad movie that goes into sequel), HTC and Google all gearing up to wow consumers worldwide to buy their brand of super spec brand. This blog entry will prove to be useful for YEARS to come, unless of course all smart devices went extinct like the dinosaurs.

I've come to LOVE my tablet more day by day. I really don't care about what people say about brand models going "obsolete" and all that. When I put my money to buy something, I pretty damn sure it's there I will use it to its full. With so many applications, free most of them for Android fans, my tablet just becomes more useful everyday. Doesn't matter what brand of tablet, smartphone or whatever portable internet devices you have, the future is pointing more towards portability, touchscreen and usability factors in deciding the best choice. As being someone who is aware of himself, I noticed several facts when using my tablet.

Cut your nails and save your touchscreen, darlings
1) Local wi-fi not efficient enough
Even before I purchased my tablet, I've heard friends cursing our local wi-fi networks incessantly like little children. Now, I'm not the sort of person who believed everything my friends told me. But as it turns out, it's almost true. The only exception to wi-fi was when I was working at the company where I taught the Myanmar nationals the English language - the internet connection there was good. But other places, like cafes, hmm, not good at all.

2) Fingernails must be short
Oh yes. My fingernails. I think it's good to have a touchscreen tablet, for it really reminds me to cut my nail short. I don't know about my girlfriends with their pedicured nails so long, I pity how their touchscreen devices handle their long nails. Must be plenty of scratch marks everywhere! But I advised my girlfriends just cut them off! Save on the pedicurist. But do they take my advise? As for the boys too, we must cut our nails for grooming reasons. Single boys may not have the wedding band on the finger doesn't mean our nails need to look untidy right?

3) Caution beats Paranoia
When I first tote my tablet out in the public, I was quite paranoid about losing it. You never know what could happen - being in a crowded place. I have a friend who toted his new Samsung Galaxy Y smartphone in the middle of the night, and 2 blady motorcyclists went after it - and poof it was gone just like that - and in front of a burger stall some more (expensive burger cost like RM13)! Hello, Malaysians wake up and help? After that incident, my friend swore to himself never to flash his gadget on that street again. His paranoia rubs off a little on me. But soon, I have to let go of this paranoid feeling because I've paid good money for it, and I better damn well use it, even in public places! I've learned to be cautious and aware, but not to the point of going extremely paranoid, like my friend who now takes the cab home at night to avoid snatch thefts.

4) Technical
I have a notebook and been using it to send emails with links. I noticed the links I've saved in my email, does not appear when I send the email via my tablet. Besides the email specs difference, of course using the tablet to watch video is pure bliss. It's faster than watching it on my notebook, which is already like 3 years old now. See, I do keep my stuff well and functioning for as long as it can. But noticing the discrepancy, I won't be throwing out my dear old notebook anytime soon. Everything (and everyone) has their own place in the world, so don't disregard people or things so quickly.

Don't bring your tablet to the pool. Only bring me.

5) Say "Hi" to your 2 biggest enemies
It's the 2 biggest enemies to all things electronic, after the snatch thief, of course. These 2 can be your friends at first, but suddenly turn on you and stab you in the back. Who are they? Say hello to Liquid and Impact. Liquid covers water, juice, paint, anything that splashes, swirls, shoots or drips. And it could damage your precious electronic gadget quite unknowingly. How about Impact? I notice this one day, when the train I was in suddenly stopped or picked up speed unknowingly at a curve (geez, our local LRT train operator must go back to training again), and my tablet almost flung out from my grips and almost landed on the floor with a thud. So beware...

6) Apps Greedy
I love the amount of blank spaces on my new tablet, (with my screen saver in the background - so lovely the Super AMOLED screen) and in someway it "communicates" to me to quickly fill in those spaces. You see, artists love to fill up a blank space - be it a piece of paper or a board. But mind you, filling your smart devices with apps could drain your data limit! Usually when I turned on my device with internet, some of my apps would automatically update, sometimes all of them at once! It's important to pick only apps that are useful to your own need. Or be prepared to have a slower internet connection thereafter at your own expense. Worst case scenario - your tablet screen may just go blank or hanged for good. So don't be a greedy pig and download like a crazy b*****.

7) Put your lips together and blow.
I know I should ask all of you to put your hands together and give me a giant applause, since I've taken the effort to update this blog with all the world's most useful information for your convenience. (You can repay me your love by clicking on the ad banners, refer this blog to a friend or join my Artiste Training Course) But since we're talking about the usage of smart devices, you certainly should take a cue from me. Yes, blow! I don't mean you pursed your lips and flung me your kisses, puh-leez! I mean blowing air, of course. After a day beating the traffic in the dusty city like KL, I noticed so many dust particles spreading around my touchscreen, that it just kills me that it looked so untidy. Of course I have the screen protector and smart covers over it. Still, dust manage to slip right onto it. So boys and girls, don't use only your eyes to view your beautiful tablet screen. Together now, use your lips, purse it together... and blow.