Sunday, April 22, 2012

The new Ipad Review? The semblance between my Artiste Training Course and my new Ipad is resolutionarily similar.

Reading my blog through the new Ipad - the dawn of the new age
The more I use my tablet, the more I see the semblances between my new Ipad (yes, I got that one too) and my Artiste Training Course. I make it a point to always keep up to date with the latest technology for the sake of my students. I am truly impressed by the screen, it's so much easier to read using the new Ipad. But mind you, I am not a big fan, I am just a normal consumer who just fancies a good product. I love the new Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 too. To me, everybody got their own place in this world - no need to exclude one or the other out of the picture. Like my Artiste Training Course - everyone is welcome to join. You don't have to be extra beautiful or this or that, just have the willingness to learn and try something new. You might be surprised.

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My coaching is an acquired taste. You'll get used to it, thank you.
Acquired Taste
So back to the topic at hand, when I first use the new Ipad, I find it kinda different from using a Galaxy Tab. The screen looks different. You know, I am no techno expert, just a normal everyday user. I cannot help but compare it to my Galaxy Tab. The flavour is so different. It's not your everyday, local school classroom sort of environment. The user interface is clean and direct to the point, at the expense that sometimes if I want to add a little extra, it couldn't be done. It's an acquired taste, just like my Artiste Training Course. A lot of students come with a pre-conceived notions of how their training will be conducted. My advise, don't! Come with an open mind and heart instead. Soon, you'll acquire the taste of my kind of Artiste Training Course. And be so pleasantly SURPRISED.

Brand new leather case, expensive but so worth it!
A wonderful semblance of the new Ipad with my Artiste Training Course is the price. They're almost the same price range. That means people who buys Apple products can afford to take up my Artiste Training Course! I hear some Android folks complaining how over-priced Apple products are. But seriously, in my heart, I feel it's really value for money. The price range remains the same as last year's. Same as my Artiste Training Course. Of course, the price is also meant to pull in the right students - meaning those who are serious enough to invest in the money and want it enough to learn. When you pay for something, you'll be more committed for sure. Like the new Ipad, my Artiste Training Course is not for every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Total Package
When you delved deeper into the product like the new Ipad and my Artiste Training Course, you'll realised it covers ALL the aspects of the benefits you wanted and more. In my Artiste Training, we provide you the training right up until the casting process and more - hopefully, we see you clinch your first job. A lot of calculative folks would cover one eye, and let the other eye only see the cost. That will hurt you. You need to see the whole picture, to fully enjoy the experience. To be successful, it is important to see the whole picture. Click the links below to read my past success stories:
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Heft, not Heavy
There's a difference between heft and heavy. When I first held the new Ipad, it does tires my hand after carrying it for a while compared to my Galaxy Tab which is the lightest to carry. But you must remember what goes inside that makes it weight. The huge battery for the sharp Retina Display. The A5x chip and all the other wonderful stuff. Hence, the heft. Heavy is when you feel it is burdensome. In my Artiste Training Course, I will be giving you notes and tips aplenty. It is primarily divided into 12 modules, with each module further sub-categorised into 3 main parts. For some students, that's quite heavy. But wait a minute, you're getting value for your money - only when you get the difference between heft and heavy.

My students getting its crystal clear moment
Crystal Clear
The new Ipad boasts of its new Retina Display. My first impression when I got my hands on it was - it's not much different from my Galaxy Tab. I feel the colours on my Tab is more gorgeous. But when I begin to look deeper, and try to see the details in the new Ipad, it's all there. Details are important for an aspiring artiste because it guides the performance. Details like timing, the scene description, the flow of the story etc. When my student first join my Artiste Training Course, I would give them the whole picture, so that they have a path before them that they could walk on. It must be clear to them, so when they walk, at least they know where they're heading. Not all can become actors or singers.

Care and Thought
Whenever I am coaching, I must admit I struggled too in giving the advise. The students don't know how difficult it is for a Coach to disperse the right and fair information, because what we're dealing with is performance! It is so subjective and fragile, that one careless word could ruin the morale of the students. Like the new Ipad, I am quite amazed at the beauty of its design. It takes an artiste to admire a piece of art. So when I'm coaching, my care and thought are shown. Even here, writing my blog, I'm openly sharing all the tips and tricks I could remember (just a sample, not the total) for readers here, with the hopes that if they want more, they could easily just join my Artiste Training Course.

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