Sunday, April 8, 2012

My Coaching Relationship with my Students - another success story!

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Students share their dreams and aspirations
I'm always happy whenever I see my students faces on billboards or on the TV screen. It's always a cause for celebration! Recently, I noticed an ex-student of mine name Daniella appeared in advertisement poster. I still remembered her favourite actress - Maggie Cheung, and how she aspired to be like her. Often I would asked my potential students to share their aspirations and dreams in an open, non-judgemental manner. No dream is too big or small. I love helping people, and thankfully with successes. Below are the links to past success stories:

Taking my students out for real-world projects

Full Attendance
Fashion Students Showcase
Bigger Class
Taking Students on Roadshows
International Students
Student on Magazine Cover
Student Casting Session for Real Jobs
Students Photo Shoot
Students Performing for Event

The Coach performing during production

Instant Eligibility to be in Real-world Projects
Like all my past students, I knew Daniella when she started in my Artiste Training Course. During that time, I have a project with Microsoft, and I took her in the project as well. That't how exciting it is to be in my Artiste Training Course, because you're instantly eligible to be part of any real-world working projects that I may be working on. She was lucky to be my student that time because I pulled her in. It's also great to jumpstart her portfolio with a brand name like Microsoft! For your info, I allow my students to use me as their reference whenever they seek for other jobs. I always give their prospective employers my positive comments for all types of industry.

Treats You like an Equal
Since then, I'm sure she must have appeared in various magazines. The last time I heard, she's pursuing a career with a radio station. I'm sure she will do well. We also shared some gossip about certain local TV host in Malaysia. It was a great fun and insight to share the same likes and dislikes - because if you get 2 birds of the same feathers, the rumor must be a fact. We also get to vent our frustrations and disappointments with certain, certain producer or director. It was a close and fulfilling relationship. Our open policy means we share tips freely for you to sample first, before you commit. Tips below:

We treat our students as equals and stars on their own right
How to Excel in Reality TV Shows,

Progress at their Own Pace
My students are my friends as well. I don't put a gap between them and me as a Coach. It's always an easy going and fun relationship when I'm coaching them. I don't put them in any extreme circumstances. I really leave it up to them to develop at their own pace. You see, I don't believe in forcing progress on my students. They have to progress on their own. That's why in my class, I have the Video Practical segment with unlimited tries for my students to perfect their performances. I never shout or criticise my students with derogatory words. But that doesn't mean there's no hard work, rehearsals still must go on. For now, I am truly glad and happy for my student Daniella. All the best to you!

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