Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pudu - Kedai Kopi 3Dua. Different kind of toast, thin and lean.

Brownish bun-ish outside, not toast
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It was a hot day. And I was surveying the Pudu area. My stomach is growling a bit, but I have controlled myself not to eat too much in a go. Always go with something light. Hey, toast and iced milked tea. I actually have a love-hate realtionship with the Pudu place. It's a very blue-collar area, with rows of shops and knick-knacks. I remembered my first time there, and I felt so lost. Plus with the heat! Ai-yai-yai! Sometimes I get hungry from the heat, but thinking about it, it's more of the energy exerted after I've sweated so much.

Thankfully, I came across quite a clean coffee shop called the "Kedai Kopi 3Dua". I don't know what's the significance of the number 32, but it's probably to do with the age of owner when he first opened the shop. The surroundings of the coffee shop, as I've already mentioned is to cater to the blue-collar workers. I think I've noticed a few sex workers there too. A lot of foreign workers from Myanmar or maybe Thais, I don't know. There were a few kids looking so brown! I mean, Malaysian children aren't that exposed to the sun that much. Maybe it's their natural colour.

Prominent branding
Opposite of the coffee shop, I saw hair salons, and snooker centres. Right smack in the middle is The Store shopping mall. It's not really a mall, just the only air-conditioned place where the public can sit in and heave a sigh of comfort from the heat outside. When you're inside, all the same old tom dick and harry will be inside. Back to the kopitiam, I chose to sit at the corner. It happens that an adjoining Malay food stall outside is a related business arm with the kopitiam, because when I gave my order, the Indon waitress called the makcik outside to make my roti bakar. The drinks are from the kopitiam itself.

The food items - thin and quick
The teh ais is not bad actually, to my taste. At least I could taste the sweetness, as requested. It is frothy at the top, but underneath sometimes I swear I could taste some bitterness. The thing with the tea leaves - or the way they mixed it with the hot water, I don't know. Now the bread! Hmm, it's not exactly toast in your traditional toaster. In fact, when the roti bakar arrived, I thought it was the wrong order.

But when I picked it up and put it in my mouth, there's the burnt taste. The bread looks like it is baked, but actually it was also burnt on a pan - not exactly toasted with crisp. The kaya spread is unusual, not thick like I hoped it would be, but reasonable enough. It's bread, with its brownish bun-ish surface gave it an almost filling aftertaste. The price for both items is RM2.70, reasonable enough and definitely 50 cents cheaper than the one reviewed at Bukit Bintang.

The ambience of this kopitiam is nice enough that it would attract a normal passers-by like myself to enter and try. There's a lot of people passing by this kopitiam, for a moment I was kinda afraid for my belongings. There was a man stood behind me, I don't know if he were pretending to look around or wait for his friend, but I quickly grabbed my stuff and held it close to my front.

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