Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Power of Positive Thinking - Look Up and Smell the Sky or Ceiling.

Serenity from above
Easier to be Negative
I know it's very hard to stay positive in our society today. Especially if you're living in a city like Kuala Lumpur, where the demands from your superiors, bosses, managers and the monetary pressures to keep up with your peers are a constant never-ending cycle that could be damaging to you mentally, psychologically and physically. But take a moment to spare, and think really deep. What or where is the source of all these negativity pervading in our society today? All sorts of negativity that can pull us all down, like:

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Get Out from Your Shell
I have a friend from Germany who came to KL recently for a visit, and he requested me to take him to Batu Caves. We went there a day after the Thaipusam celebration. Upon arrival, we saw a massive trail of thrash consists of coconut shells, paper bags, bottles and aluminium cans strewn along the road. So we took the long staircase up to the caves. In my heart, I imagined life can be like this. You can either view the long staircase up as a nuisance, or you can simply enjoy every step of the way. And boy, I enjoyed every step of it.

Relaxing lighting
It was a hot morning, but the fact is, it was my first time climbing up to Bate Caves. I must admit it's a shame that I've never take the effort to go there, until my German friend wanted to go and I volunteered to guide him. Upon entering the cave, I imagine the times when civilization that exists before us. I can imagine those cavemen and women, who must have lived in this gigantic cave before us. The massive structure of the cave made me feel how insignificant all our problems are - be it financial, business, friendship etc. It's all a big waste of energy to worry about all that, in the presence of such a magnificent structure created by a higher power.

Square patches
Our Problems are only One
For a moment, I was in wonderment. All my worries and stress that I have to deal with become a tiny pebble. You see, all problems of humankind are self-created. The pursuit of money, fame and power are perpetuated by the capitalistic machinery. Nowadays, I am very aware of the magazines I read, because magazines are the epitome of materialism. In it, they are encouraging you to become like that person on the cover, and in order to become that, you just buy the magazine, go through the print advertisements and instantly you'll become part of that group. As if, life is as glamorous as they seems at:

Fire-y Dragon Displays
Christmas 2011 Display
MaSIF Fashion Review
Fashion Sales Preview Party

Touch the bottom for luck and serenity
All in all, it's really a big nothing. The soul needs replenishment, and capitalism doesn't fulfill anything the soul   hungers for. Therein lies the importance of POSITIVE THINKING. It's really not easy to reach the stage of positive-minded, because it takes a lot of self-examination first. A lot of people are negative without realising so. Like myself, I used to be very critical and demanding, thinking I have the right to deserve the best. But the world does not revolve around your needs and wants. Everybody wants results instantly, but that does not happen in reality. Results like:
Full Attendance
Fashion Students Showcase
Bigger Class
Taking Students on Roadshows
International Students
Student on Magazine Cover
Student Casting Session for Real Jobs
Students Photo Shoot
Students Performing for Event

Boxed lights
The World Does Not Revolves Around You
So what do you do when you don't get what you want? For some, when their needs are not met, they could be destructive to themselves and lash it out at others. It happens to bosses and superiors, who many are deemed as psychotic bosses, and there's many of them! But being "psychotic" is not the way to get your staff to do the things you want them to. There must be a better way.

If you steal other people's banana,
someone else will STEAL YOURS!

Karma is still Alive
Remember there's karma. Do to others what you want others to do unto you. And it's so true. Whenever people treated me unkindly, or rudely, I know I don't even have to react or respond in anyway. When my friends were secretly planning something behind my backs without my knowledge, I don't even have to feel angry or disappointed at them. You know why? That is because of karma. Channel your focus instead on building yourself. When you let others get to you, then they win. Most people I know just switch off and went shopping. Below are some links to my past SHOPPING TIPS for PRODUCTS:
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Taming the chicken to calm down
Sometimes I figure we're all like chickens running here and there in a hurry, and not taking a moment to stop and contemplate. Not many top executives and managers can do that. Most of them are pulled into the pressure. Here's where a Personal Coach can help. A lot of executives think they can handle the situation well and without other's help. Well, all I can say is, don't let pride destroys you. Because pride is blinding. It blinds you to the real tricks your enemies are conjuring up behind the veil they surrounded you with. A good manager must be able to determine which are the lies from the truth. And it's not easy to do that anymore, because our society believes in the lies more than the truth.

What is the truth then? A good Communications Strategy Coach will do you even more good like preparing you for (sample tips here):
How to Survive the Festive Cheer
Extra Competitive Advantages

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