Monday, March 26, 2012

The Journey to a Simpler Life starts with its Simplest Joys : a cool drink and toast.

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Pride - Hindrance to a Simple Life
In Malaysia, you can find a lot of proud city folks walking around. I mean proud as if "I am better than you" that sort of way, even when you don't even know that person. I believe its the look they gave you, across the seat or just about anywhere in a public commute. Now, I am still trying to figure out what made this sort of people so proud of themselves - perhaps the way they dress or something they have that I don't they might have three tits? But come on, we're all human beings at the end of the day. If you happen to cross path or eye gaze with me, I'll always give a smile. But unfortunately, Malaysian cityfolks are rather "dead" in the expression area. The common courtesy to smile, especially in the service counters, no more.

Island Boy, Ahoy!
Really, I am not from the city, more like an island boy myself. People who lives in an island are all aware that they are connected with each other, and relies on each other. They don't look up on themselves, thinking they are of higher level, or better than others. After witnessing all this pride in the city, I took upon myself the challenge to go back to the basics - that is to enjoy the simpler things of life. It's not how much you earn, or where you live that determines your worth as a human being. Really, I cannot blame cityfolks for taking on their proud selves so blatantly for even in the news you read top government ministers' blatantly showing off their wealth. Disgusting.

Enough is enough. These pride will soon come crumbling down onto their faces, if not in this life, then the next for sure. For a simple guy like myself, I take it on myself NOT to be influenced by such dastard display and chase for the material luxury, but take the time to enjoy the moments of this brief life. Hey, I'm still young. I noticed how I wasted time by chasing after one unworthy worry over another, all for nothing. Life is the ability to enjoy the now. And that now always come with a cup of iced milk tea and toast - in local terms "Teh Ais" and "Roti Bakar".

Notice the frothy top (drink) and wafer thin toast
The Journey starts with a Cool Drink and Toast
Now I like these 2 food items because they're very simple and not hearty meals. I actually dislike eating heavy and prefer eating light. And these 2 items are great way to relax and dip in the ambience of a particular place - depending where I am. While I'm reporting this, I hope my readers here will also take the info to their advantage and will guide them in finding the best places to enjoy a cup of Teh Ais and Roti Bakar. OK, let's move on to my first review of the restaurant.

Now, the content is the Teh Ais and Roti Bakar. The form is just as important because it is where the content is housed. The form will be divided into these categories: Surroundings (of the restaurant or kopitiam), Price Watch (of the items), Taking Orders (how polite or impolite the waiters, accuracy of order taken) and Ambience (mostly to do with the arrangement of chairs and tables).

Restaurant staff hustling passers-by
Aggressive To Get My Business (Auww, touched)
I chose this restaurant situated opposite Low Yat Plaza as my first review because I came here often for the food. The wait staff is AGGRRESSIVE. I mean, if you were to step onto their pavement, they would hustle you to sit at their tables! I don't blame or hate them for this type of behavior, I salute them! It's difficult to get business, especially when your shop is smacked right in the middle of Bukit Bintang, a bustling city spot. I suppose the rent there must be high, hence this form of aggressive behavior.

Throwing ice away for it dilutes my drink
So I gave my orders - a Teh Ais and Roti Bakar. The Teh Ais has a rather coarse taste with a sugary sweet taste underneath. The look of the frothy bubbles at the top is similar to a cappucino you'll find at those posh upmarket cafes. But I don't want that. Unfortunately, the sweetness I seek for is not there. The Roti Bakar (toast) is very thin and wafer-ish taste to it, almost like eating biscuits. The butter and kaya is very sparse and not rich enough that you can taste. Saving on the juice, I see.

And the price! For these 2 items cost me like RM3.20. Not too favourable, and not value for money. But the ambiece is not bad. It is clustered within the area of a hotel and opposite is the Low Yat Plaza. I remembered being there at the New Year countdown, and the place is perfect to view the fireworks, but not for the teh ais and roti bakar.