Saturday, March 24, 2012

New Updates! Angry Birds Space Review (Yes, it definitely makes my bird angry)

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New Update: Angry Birds Space just opened a new section called "Utopia". I love the ice-cream, sweets, jellies and everything for the sweet-tooth as the background and obstacles for the birds to overcome.

Second New Update: Rovio is smart in their strategy of maintaining continuous interest in the Angry Birds games. I've just completed all the levels, and recently they've added new levels for Angry Birds Space (Red Planet), Angry Birds Seasons (Back to School and Piglantis). I love the Back to School segment, especially the new feature where the shot can turn into a bubble gum. The Red Planet segment is interesting too, it mimicks the Planet Mars, with geysers shooting, so you'll need to figure out the trajectory of the shot.

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Get Angry
Who doesn't love Angry Birds? It's one of those fantastic games, and it's free! At least for Android users. I first came across this game from a friend who let me play on his tablet. My first impression is - it feels so "real". Like when I pull the elastic band and release the bird, it actually hits! I mean, there's a thumping sound, or some funny explosion boom. Like real gravity applies here, virtually. You can hear the sound of the pulling rubber band, then a range of funny, complimentary sounds and music.

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Your bird is mine
Even the names is catchy! I mean, come on, birds? And added with character like angry. Gosh, these birds are ready to attack! I love the sound effects in the game, with a range of birds' sounds and calling. It's a great game for those who are stressed out, so they can pour their anger towards those nasty monkeys. But really, this game requires plenty of thought. It's kinda intellectual too, for you need to guess the trajectory of your pull within a limited amount of birds. At each level, there's a totally new structure for you to elastic those birds at those annoying monkeys (Rio version) - amazingly simple and fun.

New Update: Angry Birds Seasons added a new section called "Piglantis". The theme is sea, with plenty of structures where you can elastic the birds. I find it just a tiny disappointing, because the whole game is not in the sea, per se, as described by the name. It's more like above the sea, on the surface where the action happens. Overall, I love this new section, and the music that is very enticing with the choir-like voices of mermaids?
After I got my tablet, I downloaded the Angry Birds Rio version. The first few times, seems easy. As I progressed further, it gets more challenging. I was surprised that I managed to complete the whole sections like "Smugglers' Den", "Jungle Escape", "Beach Volley", "Carnival Upheavel", "Airfield Chase" and "Smugglers' Plane". Bam! As I was progressing so well, comes Angry Birds Space.

Villain-y Pigs
It was such a pleasant surprise. And the feel of this version is totally different! Unlike the previous versions, this one is defying gravity! I was happy to see some new characters, especially in "Pig Bang". The piggy icon is green in colour, and so cute. But just as annoying as the monkeys in the Rio version! For the space, I noticed that gravity doesn't work anymore. So I have to totally adapt my pulling to a whole new environment! I enjoy making mistakes and see how the birds fly.

The graphics is totally different. I noticed there's aura and energy fields being animated in the graphics. Beautiful. It's also important to cue the players, especially when I am pulling the elastic, there's a reference dotted lines to give you an idea how far you can hit your target. This is an important feature, because a player needs to predict its trajectory since there's no gravity in space. I just realised in just one day, I've already reached level 23 in the Pig Bang section.

One little glitch
This game is addictive! It helps to while the time away when you're in a long commute. Also, to avoid unwanted eye contact with some "lan-see" commuters who come in and out like nobody's business. My only grouse with the Space version of Angry Birds is the screen went blank suddenly when I stopped playing the game for a minute. I have to tap the screen several times, and harder to make the game interface re-appear. Also, since it's still new, a few of the sections are not fully operational like "Cold Cuts" and one "Coming Soon". UPDATE: Rovio had fixed this little glitch already and "Cold Cuts" is cool.

Still, this game doesn't pump my adrenalin up, so I am able to stop a moment to think. You can call it a restful game to de-stress after a hard day at work. But there are moments where you do get frustrated and being made feel inferior because certain levels seems like impossible to complete! But everytime I managed to get through that level, what a sense of relief and accomplishment wash over me. The feeling was pleasant. It really does pushes you to think differently in attacking the various structures presented at various levels. I suspect the inspiration for this game comes from the movie "12 Angry Men".

Don't do the same thing and expect a different result
For a game like this, you need to try several times (unless you're very good at the game). But don't give up. You'll learn how far each shot lands and what it hits upon from various points. It teaches you to think differently. It's a great game to reflect on yourself, like why should you try on the same tricks again when it doesn't work? Soon, you'll have to try a different approach. And wham! Suddenly, you completely wiped out all those annoying monkeys and pigs. And a golden icon with a ringing cashier box appears. I love my birds....

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