Friday, March 30, 2012

2 NEW features in our Artiste Training Course you'll sure to want it for yourself. Limited time only.

 Portfolio pictures - now you can have one too!

LIMITED TIME PROMOTION: RM300 per month you get 1 portfolio picture, 2 hours video practical, 4 hours class lessons on Artiste Training (you choose: Acting, Modelling, TV Hosting, Writing, Film Direction). Bring a friend to join and get RM50 off in your next month class. Minimum 3 months, you will get free movie tickets. Aspiring artistes, take ACTION NOW. Call 012-2350091 (after 1pm) TODAY! Now EVERYONE can afford to join! Or pay RM2500 in FULL, to get all goodies at once.

Now, the reason for this promotion is so everyone regardless of your working background can take the chance to achieve in your own way - your ultimate dream - to be in front of the screen. Not a lot of people realise that I've added not one, but TWO new features - PORTFOLIO PICTURE and VIDEO PRACTICAL.

FEATURE 1: Portfolio Picture - with Art Direction and Coach Direction
For each month you're with our Artiste Training Course, you will get 1 high-quality picture of yourself as a model. The art direction is provided. The Coach will be directing you, giving you tips on your body language in front of the camera to capture your best pose, so that ALL your features are translated onto film. Now the art direction and film direction from the Coach are very important, because if you were to take your own pictures, how would you know how you'll look like on camera? I know some people snap themselves first, then look at the picture, but that's what we call amateurish - and it shows. Be safe, join an official Artiste Training Course to get your picture taken, with art direction and coach direction included. Our track record is all listed below:

Real actors in a real movie production

Results like:
Full Attendance
Fashion Students Showcase
Bigger Class
Taking Students on Roadshows
International Students
Student on Magazine Cover
Student Casting Session for Real Jobs
Students Photo Shoot
Students Performing for Event

Big class or small 
Feature 2: Video Practical - Unlimited Tries
After each class lecture, you are put immediately to practise. Your practise will be recorded onto a camera. Besides having a recorded version of your performance, this also encourages students to be brave on camera. The great thing about our Artiste Training Course's Video practical is you get to do it again and again and again. You get the chance to watch yourself, see what's "wrong" and improve yourself. Guidance is provided by the Coach - in the easiest way so you'll be comfortable enough to try again. Clear communication to help you, bring you up.

And one more thing...
The most unique thing about our Artiste Training Course is - we don't leave you after you've taken our classes. We'll help you strategize and plan your way into the field of choice - acting, TV hosting or modelling. We have a lot of in-depth knowledge in the way "things work" in the industry, and at the end of the course, you can choose to leave us with a new perspective about life in general, and also you can choose to come back again and again and again. Learning never stops, why should you? Now, EVERYONE can join. We respect our students - treat them as equals, and never downgrade or criticize negatively on students. Our open policy means we share tips freely for you to sample first, before you commit. Tips below:

We treat our students as equals and stars on their own right
How to Excel in Reality TV Shows,
How to Survive the Festive Cheer
Extra Competitive Advantages
Power of Positive Thinking

Our Artiste Training Course is the only comprehensive technology-assisted with the Best Industry Benefits
So what you waiting for? Call Mr.Liew at 0122350091 or email KRISLAWFANCLUB@GMAIL.COM to set up a 1-on-1 meeting consultation TODAY.