Wednesday, February 1, 2012

What am I going to do with a tablet? The Samsung Galaxy Tab 11.6 vs Tab 7.7 vs Ipad 3 (rumors)? A self-examination before I take the plunge.

Mobile World Congress 2012
Yes, Samsung and Apple could be releasing another huge one come at the Mobile World Congress 2012 this month February - the Samsung Tab 11.6 inch and Ipad 3. The details of these super tablets of the future are still vague, thanks to the high secrecy of the high tech corporations with their super tight leash on their new releases. I'm sure the displays for both of this uber-brand are going to be fantastic, eye-popping even. This is the nature of technology news, constantly renewing itself by the hour. The Samsung Tab 11.6 inch might come with a S-Pen like its Galaxy Note. Ipad 3 might have a dazzling Retina Display.

Create a list before I buy
I better start listing down the useful tasks I can do if I were to get an expensive tablet. I hate buying something then feeling lost about using it. I am that clueless when it comes to tech stuff. Thank goodness now I have friends whom are better than me, so I may need their help in navigating these devices. I love making lists because it helps me to assess how much info I got to share. A good Communications Strategy Coach will do you even more good like preparing you for (sample tips here):
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Below are the list of tasks I am planning to do with a tablet:
Functional Usage
- Use it like a diary, daily planner
- Present it to my class as a form of teaching material
- Use for business presentation
- Update my blog when I'm outside
- Use it for personal media consumption: music, video, surfing., ebook

Well, that's basically it. Only 5 important functions? I suppose for the price I'm paying, I better get more use from it, is it? But only 5? I suppose i forgot to mention about the Android market where there are plenty of applications. Perhaps I could add more usage in what it could do for my emotions

Emotional Usage
- Makes me look super sophisticated
- Helps me pass time in long commute rides
- Helps me get connected with other "like-minded"

OK, now I have like 8 points of usage. I read that there's a lot of interesting applications now. But seriously, for me, it is not that important. The functional usage is most important to me. With all these usage in mind, now is to decide which size and brand is appropriate for me. I feel the bigger tablets shout a bit too much when I'll use it outside. I'm really not the sort who likes to show-off my flashy new gadget for fear of snatch-theft and thieves. Let me add another category of usage.

Crazy Usage
- Shield my face from the unwanted public or crazy people on the street.
- Spank other people with my tablet on the street who cuts my way when I'm walking.
- To own something expensive I can carry around with me the whole day like a companion.

More understated than hoo-haa?
Now I have 11 points of usage. Good enough to buy an expensive tablet? Hmm, I prefer a more understated look where I can "hide" my tablet under the public radar. Then might as well get a smartphone right? But smartphone is simply too small for me, for I have big hands and deliciously long fingers. Very hard to type! And looking at my height, I am only regular height. A giant tablet would look silly for me. Probably the 7-inch tablet range suit me better? But I love it BIG! But not so big until it bogs me down with its weight. The power also must lasts me the whole day, I mean it, 12 hours maximum. Got such a tablet? I'm a crazy perfectionist am I not? But success is what everyone is looking for. Below are the links to my past SUCCESS stories in helping shape my students of all diverse backgrounds and industries:
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As for specs, I always trust either Samsung or Apple, so really don't want to crack my head over who is better. Quad core, dual core, A6 chips, etc. Each brand has its definite pros and cons when it comes to specs, hence I am looking more on its practical usage and how it will affect my daily life. For one, I will have to be extra cautious when carrying these devices for they are so expensive. I will only pop out the tablet at more upper-scale locations and malls, and not simply at the market area with the general population. But that would only make my daily life suffocates with fear isn't it? Every time have to look over my shoulder when taking out my tablet. These stuff should actually makes your life easier, not more worrisome. Come to think of it, I'm glad none of these tablets arrive in Malaysia yet so I wouldn't need to make a decision.

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