Saturday, February 18, 2012

The only Supreme Technology-Assisted Artiste Training Course in Malaysia to make You a Success. Not available at Malaysia IT Fair@ Mid Valley Exhibition Hall, only here OK?

Technology is meant to help improve your life. Even more so for training purposes in my Artiste Training Course. Like my recent purchase of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 with its superb visual quality, I hope to be able to use it to make learning more engaging for my students. I'll be preparing my lessons, and notes on its Polaris Office software, hopefully with a few tweak to make it more visually pleasing. My class is also equipped with a video camera that captures the performances of all my students, and let them watch themselves in action. Any correction in their performance will be tweaked and made better during rehearsals. There's also a Canon camera at my disposal, meant to capture the various poses of my students who wished to become models. Their best pictures will be selected for their website creation, an important first impression for all potential clients like film directors, producers or talent agents who may get an early interest. More review of the recent Malaysia IT Fair at Mid Valley:

Malaysia IT Fair at Mid Valley
Since purchasing the all-new Samsung Tab for my Artiste Training Course, it suddenly hits me that I will need a case protector, screen protector and all the other stuff that comes with it. I love the microSD slot, where I can record the video of my students and pass them the card. Luckily, on the day of purchase at Samsung official store at The Gardens, it happens that an IT Fair is going on at Mid Valley Exhibition Hall. I wanted to just get the screen protector from Samsung, but it costs like RM250 for a too simple (at least to my opinion), almost cardboard-ish like, cheap material. I have to get something better than that, no doubt it's an official case protector. So off I headed to the IT Fair. 

Big Talk, But No Show
I love the one entrance only for this fair at Mid Valley, compared to like 2 or 3 entrances at the KLCC PC Fair review. Here, it's pretty straightforward. You enter and exit the same door, simple. Upon entry, you will see a stage and rows of chairs for visitors to just lounge around and witness some "show" or "talk" from some IT expert. During the time I arrived, it looked quite unfortunate for the emcee, for he was speaking to an almost empty hall. I noticed a model holding some prize. It really does look pitiful, but I cheered them on for I admired the spirit, rather than the hoo-haa. Keep up the good vibes, man.

The Importance of One Direction
So off I went and this time, more aware of myself now of what I am looking for, unlike in the past where I just got washed away by all the crowds of people. I am looking for a case cover and microSD card. 2 important things. The first section of the fair is all the hardware stuff - like laptops, notebooks, cameras for the big brands. I came across a water filter from Panasonic, but soon walked away after seeing the price. Really cannot afford it at the moment. Compared to KLCC, the exhibition hall at Mid Valley has a lower ceiling. It's alright for the flow of the crowd is basically 1 direction, hence makes it easy, at least in my opinion, to navigate. If there's no direction, the whole crowd would gone haywire, and chaos, and simply overcrowding at one spot that could cause a bottleneck. 

No choice, must get one
I was having quite an easy stroll, since it's the first day of the fair on a Friday. The unfortunate thing about coming early to a fair is some of the booth may not have its ware ready. But the good thing is - most of the salespeople are on the positive and energetic side. Most are very helpful with my questions when I asked about protective case for my new Tab. The thing about what I am looking for is very specific size 7.7, and currently most of the cases cater to Ipad! This Ipad is really popular, with so many types of casings and designs. And any for the Tab? Nada....or maybe one or two only. Quite sad. Of course in my walk through, I noticed a shelf of all the old handphone models (see pic). They used to be "expensive" when they first came out, but now....Thankfully, I came across a shop that sells a cover for all size, comes with a rubbery type keyboard, which I disliked. But I have no choice! At least this one got a keyboard, right?

Cheap will only take you this far
In conclusion, fairs like the Malaysia IT Fair shares a similar principle with KLCC IT Fair - cheap price. This is one principle that I find highly over-used, in which a lot of people could take advantage of the low price to give you bad quality stuff. So think twice before buying anything because it's cheap. It's always worth it to buy something a little bit more expensive, when the quality is well known with a solid reputation. Take my Artiste Training Course at only RM2500 (tax-deductible, and you can pay by installments: half first, the other half by each month) - you'll get REAL-LIFE, USEFUL BENEFITS. You are getting over 10 coaching sessions, each lasting more than 2 hours of my 1-on-1 time with you alone. Plus a special goodie bag. You get the luxury of having all the technologies at my hand - the latest being the Samsung galaxy Tab 7.7 (which is a high-end product) to showcase the class notes, a video camera to record your performance, and movies to watch to help you better understand the art of acting communication visually. This is the only supreme technology-assisted Artiste Training Course in Malaysia today to make you a true success.

Let our future Technology-Assisted Artiste
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