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Exciting Photo Shoot Experience with Coach for a real brand. Enroll today to become a talent for the Photo Shoot. No casting to attend, Open to All Races, Profiles (all sizes & shapes accepted). Immediately approved.

Great for your Portfolio
Photo Shoot session (lasting 3 hours) this coming 25th or 26th February (let my student choose the date, so HURRY!) with me for a website brand! You'll be seen all over this popular website with me through this special Photo Shoot. Only for registered students of my Artiste Training Course for full package RM2500. Enrol by 12th February. Once-in-a-lifetime, most complete best packages. You don't have to go through any difficult, time-consuming casting for this Photo Shoot! Once you've registered as my student, you're in. SIMPLE AS THAT! It's also a great way to start your portfolio collection, happening immediately upon joining my Artiste Training Course! So what you waiting for? Register NOW by calling 012-2350091. Limited spaces, first-come-first-serve basis. Claim Your Competitive Advantage Now! For more details about my Artiste Training Course, read on...

What do I get from this Coaching?
Upon completion of our Artiste Training Course, you will already have:
PORTFOLIO - a recording of your best performance, pictures and angles of your features.
EXPERIENCE - in attending casting sessions
SMARTS - knowledge and tips to make you ready in embarking your ambition.

1) ACTING RM 950 (10 CLASSES minimum)
2) MODELLING RM 750 (8 CLASSES minimum)
3) TV HOSTING RM750 (8 CLASSES minimum)
6) FILM DIRECTION RM950 (10 CLASSES minimum) 
OR FULL ARTISTE TRAINING COURSE, combined with all modules above at only RM2500.

A good Communications Strategy Coach will do you even more good like preparing you for (sample tips here):
How to Excel in Reality TV Shows,
How to Make Your Casting Enjoyable
How to Handle Rude Casting Agent
Exude Your Inner Star Quality.
Points to Consider before you strive for Fame
The Art of Networking
How to Handle the Media
What to do during Pre-Production
What to do during Production
How Should an Artiste Travel for Work
The Value of Preparation
How to Survive the Festive Cheer
How to Review the Year Ending

Get a paid internship for a fashion boutique
when you enrol for 10 class sessions (RM1500)
Kindly read my newly revised self-description (About me) section at your left hand column for more info about my services and what I do. All course modules (Communication/Acting/Modelling/TV Hosting/Film Direction starts at RM 1500 per adult student (working executive) for 20 hours of lecture + 10 hours of practical (Real-world casting sessions) + Portfolio + Testimonial Letter . Classes are conducted at your convenience, according to your timetable. You will also EXPERIENCE: 
Full Attendance
Fashion Students Showcase
Bigger Class
Taking Students on Roadshows
International Students
Student on Magazine Cover
Student Casting Session for Real Jobs
Students Photo Shoot
Students Performing for Event

Get treated like a VIP in my class.
Photoshoot, front row seats etc.

No duration limit. Through our Artiste Training Course, you will get:
* video recordings of your performance for portfolio. 
* to learn the acting techniques like: facial expression, emotion management, body language etc.
* to learn TV hosting skills like: body composure for camera, good articulation, language usage for various program genres, interviewing tips etc.
* to learn modelling skills like: catwalk, posing for camera, how to "go-see" etc.
* class notes and tutorial are provided.(limited time and places only, so hurry and book your place by sms to Mr.Liew 012 2350091 to set appointment at office for you to submit the details and registration. Have fun with us in a fashionable and eventful styles below:

Fire-y Dragon Displays
Christmas 2011 Display
MaSIF Fashion Review
Spring/Summer Fashion Display @KLCC
IFTC Students' Fashion Show @Sungei Wang
Fashion Sales Preview Party

Each session is POWER-PACKED with 4 fun and easy sections:
*LECTURE (Theory is explained so as to help you develop great thinking as a talent, not just an empty vessel)
*P&C (Practical+Critique, your ability as a talent is enhanced further with tips and improvement guidelines)
*TUTORIAL (One-on-one therapy session with the Class Coordinator to boost your confidence as a talent)
*Q&A (Question + Answer, so all your enquiries of the industry is answered with objectivity, so you get a clear picture of where you can fit in as an actor, model or TV host)

*MOST COMPLETE: From learning (Acting,Modelling, TV Hosting, Writing, Directing, Producing) to real industry setting.
*MOST FLEXIBLE: Decide to join 1 month, 3-month or as long you want.
*MOST EXCLUSIVE: Only the nicest, most inspiring students. All registered students get featured in our class blog so they get early exposure + publicity!
IMPORTANT: Enrollment into this course does NOT promise you any artiste job, only EDUCATION is what we focus.

The most comprehensive and total artiste training course for beginners and even current working artistes who want to enhance their skills (doesn't matter if you are an aspiring actor, model, singer, TV host or just someone wanting new knowledge to express the new you). Professionals in the field of COPYWRITINGSALES and FASHION DESIGNERS would benefit most in the course. 
All new first-timers are welcome to register (no age limit or experience required). Please call Class Coordinator 012-2350091 enquire more and book your class. This Artiste Training Course is organised by a reputable talent management company (NOT talent agency per se), where its successful student talents are currently being featured in 8TV and RTM1.

Preparing yourself with artiste knowledge is the first step in realising your dream. Imagine attending a casting session, and being prepared, mentally & physically? Not only will you make an impression and receive more casting calls in future, you will be remembered for your artiste skill, even if you didn't clinch the job. Learn about the realities of the artiste/casting world, get a firm grip of industry-based skills and also get inspired to incorporate your skills into your everyday lives for better communication/relationships with other people and also for career advancement in other job industry. It helps to open your mind and helps eradicate SOCIAL ISSUES below:
The Age of Haters
Emasculation of the Chinese Male in Media
The Over Emphasis of Hardware over Software
How My "Friend" Make Plus-sized Looks Bad
City Folks' Sitting Culture (BM)
How to Identify Monsters Anywhere
Habits of Local Talent (BM)
Lessons learned from "Friends"
Malaysian "Mega-Structures" Hits & Misses
Speaking Chinese Because I'm Chinese?

KRIS LAW, the Class Coordinator (who will be coaching you in the Artiste Training Course) has acted in many local films and TV. He has worked with directors of various calibres like Kabir Bhatia (On the Wings of a Butterfly), Zulkiflee Mohamed (Jejak Jaya), Meor Shariman (Cinta Hidayah)and Shuhaimi Baba (Tunku 1957- Hati Malaya). He has also gained credentials in these TV programs: Malaysian Top Host (Finalist),Malaysian Idol and Gillette Vector Challenge (Most Favourite Contestant). He was also nominated in the prestigious Asian Television Awards. His film credits are: Anak Mami Junior, 1957:Hati Malaya & The Lodger (international film).

His early acting/modelling career has taken him to Vietnam, Singapore,Thailand and Indonesia, giving him the ability to have a wide view of the film world in Asia as a whole. Be a follower of his blog and get great tips at: WWW.KRISLAW.BLOGSPOT.COM

Learn how to make good use of each casting session and succeeds.So You Think You Can Act? Let us show you more. Only those willing to learn with humility & able to take constructive criticism about their acting need to call/sms the Mr.Liew 012-2350091. 

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"Opportunity comes to those who are fully prepared"