Thursday, January 12, 2012

Fire-Breathing Dragon Display this Year of Dragon, and other Non-Dragon "Fire-y" Display Worth Mentioning.

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Santa's Boy turns Dragon's Toy
Usually we get oranges and tanglungs (Chinese lanterns) for Chinese New Year. This year is quite special because it is the year of the dragon. Expect to see plenty of dragons coming out to grab your attention. Of course, being the central motif for every fashion display can be a tad boring. So I've planned to throw in a few non-dragon displays that are equally as charming, at least not breathing fire down my neck. So what does our commercial city has in-store with their imagination and ideas in store for the upcoming Chinese New Year? Let's take a ride on my dragon's back, hold on tight, you wouldn't want to fall off into the fireworks just yet.....

For the benefit of my current students, I have assembled the various reviews I've written in the hopes that it could help guide them in designing their own fashion window displays, links for the reviews below:
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Your Basic Dragon
Love the minimal dragon pose, with its tail up in the top. Quite similar with my picture above. Again, it's very minimalist, no other adornings to make this display pop out. Except for one element you can spot in this display. Notice the dragon is wearing sunglasses? Hello? Must be hot and harmful to its eyes when spurting fire out from the mouth, ain't it, Mr.Dragon?

Longest, Biggest Dragon Train
For this type of humongously long dragon, you definitely need a large space, only at Pavillion. The train of the body is absolutely sumptuous with gold letters around. For chinese, the long train of the dragon's body may suggest longevity.

Oranges of a Tangy Dragon
I truly love this simple concept. Now the long strains of oranges can be miscontrued as something else other than a dragon. It could be a snake. Or the branch of a tree. But seeing that this year is the Year of the Dragon, it's safe to assume it is the form of a dragon. Or some form of tentacles from an orange-y octopus? The flavour for this display is one word - sweet.

Nature's Dragon - No fire please...
Dragons do take many forms and shapes this year. This one particular is made of branches and straws. Of course to add more natural flavor, you get the flowers on the mannequins. This dragon don't breathe fire. Instead, it's so domesticated, it'll let you sit on its body and tail. If it does breathe fire, the whole display will go down in a minute.

Golden Dragon on Lantern
At KLCC, this is the display that is pretty safe and back to traditional form. You see the lanterns. I even spotted a choi-san-yeh (God of Prosperity) walking around this display. This centrepiece doesn't do much in terms of creativity but it'll do just ..... safely.

 Some Peacock
A change of gear. Too much dragon, now let's get some peacock. Lovely and rich display from British India. My fashion students would learn a thing or two. The whites on the clothes do stand out in the rich colours of the peach. It has that nature theme, but a picnic is in place. Notice the woven blanket where the mannequin sat on?

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