Saturday, January 21, 2012

Asus Transformer Prime, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 or Ipad 3? The shortlist of tablets I am considering for purchase. Let's take a look in my crystal balls.

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Screen Resolution War
I need my crystal balls once again, to take a peek into the Future since the last time I used it.The Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 and Asus Transformer Prime T201 (NOT the T701, which has higher screen resolution) are finally coming here. I was surprised by the price for Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 at close to RM2300, where else the Transformer Prime is less than a hundred at close to RM2200. The screen resolution for both of these devices are the same 800X1280 pixel per inch. I am not a techno expert here, just my first try at balancing the weight of specs spectacular on both of these devices because I am planning to use either one of it. So far, Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 is getting an advantage here because of the Super AMOLED screen. It's an advantage, but apparently for that, the price went waaay over!

Price Range Lopsided-ness
The reason is because of the Samsung Galaxy Tab's other "siblings", especially the Tab 10.1 costs only RM1,899, and the screen size is so much bigger. Of course the selling point is the Super AMOLED Plus screen estate is apparently costlier. But mind you, it is the "Plus" not full "HD". So I have to think again, what am I going to do with a tablet in the first place? Let's forget about the specs hoo-ha and the frenzy of the hype. What can I actually DO in REAL LIFE with a tablet? I already have a laptop, fulfilled all my net surfing needs for the time being. Am I just buying a tablet to keep up with the trends of the times? Am I so shallow? Unless of course if I am earning the big bucks, then should be OK. Even my more well-to-do friends ain't buying any of the latest tablets, and complained about the price and specs.

In-exclusive Sales People for
the Exclusively-Priced
Of course with the impending Chinese New Year around the corner, the urge to splurge is always there. But seriously, with a price tag of RM2300, I stopped for a moment and figure perhaps I should get the Asus Prime instead. It is quad core, meaning three times the processing power. The screen resolution for both devices are the same, and why not take Asus since it's RM100 cheaper? I've been to the Samsung outlets, and find the salespeople at The Gardens are quite "lan-see" and arrogant sort, except for this one chubby fellow. The outlets are Low Yat are just as bad. I've never been to an Asus shop before, so it could be a welcome change? I'm not betting on that either. The "market" atmosphere at Low Yat is generally very pushy and in-exclusive.

No Phone Calls, No Ipad-lah
Then we have the super brand Apple's Ipad. I was tempted to purchase the Ipad 2 when the website had a Red Friday offer in conjunction with the Chinese New Year, but the discount was just so unattractive. The whole websphere is raving about the Ipad, and the upcoming third generation. But again, all the predictions about the Ipad 3 don't always turn out to be true on the launch day. For example the Iphone 4s. Can I wait for Mr.Tim Cook to introduce the new version in March, as some had suspected the date of launch? Can the new Ipad even make GSM phone calls?

Help, I still need a Tablet or Smartphone!
Today happened to be quite challeging day for me. I dropped my Sony Ericcson phone (not the smart one) on the ground again! Ai-yai-yai! Due to its many hard falls, this handphone of mine is already beginning to show problems - I can't see my outgoing calls and sms. In the middle of a busy season, I need my handphone to be functioning at its tip-top condition! Geez, is this a sign from my crystal balls predictions to push me to get a smartphone (or even a tablet?) Only time will tell....and the available budget of the moment, of course. Oh, mighty crystal balls, what are thy predictions for my future tablet purchase? Someone sponsor a new tablet in exchange for a positive review here?

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