Friday, December 16, 2011

Started the day "badly". But does it mean it will end badly too? Think again.

Rain, rain, go away....

Need extra energy for today
It was a rainy day. It started out with a rainy feel. I could already feel the darkness of the billowing clouds. Before I leave the house, the thought of wearing sandals came across my mind, but have to wear proper shoes due to today's first class with a new batch of students. So I wore my shoes, took my umbrella and had my lunch. I didn't save the other half portion like I used to, and walloped everything because I knew I would need the energy to teach, plenty of it! Besides, the lunch was very simple, so it was easy to chow it all down. I had drumstick with some vegetables. At the restaurant, the rain finally poured in buckets! I couldn't stay in and wait the rain out, for I have a class timetable to meet. So I left in a jiffy after my lunch.

Rainy day means bad luck? Think again.
In the train, I noticed the rain splatters on the windows and snap a picture. I always believed this to be good luck on the first day of class meet with my students being greeted by the roaring rain. It means good fortune for me. But in actual fact, when I arrived the LRT station to renew my monthly pass, the customer service personnel informed me their system is down. What? And I have to fork out money and get the new plastic coin to access the train. So I buggered off to the machine and found out I don't have the appropriate change for the machine. I remembered the Masjid Jamek station has now converged with the Star LRT station, so I should pick my final destination instead of transiting like in the past. The total is RM3.20.

Petty stuff
My lovely new batch of student!
It's a funny little plastic blue coin, where I just slipped it through the scanner and the door is opened. The buying and exchange at the counter eats up my time, so I have to really hurry up my pace. The rain water soaked into my socks weren't that comfy, but will have to do, for the big first class lecture. When I transit at the Monorail station, I was looking for a toilet where I can change, and unfortunately it was closed. So in the end, I have to go up to the college and change there. Finally, I met my new batch of students - some come from as far as from Pakistan and China.

My class attendance sheet

Full attendance, all cannot wait for me to start.
Usually at first meet, I'll definitely have trouble remembering all their names. But I managed to kickstart the class in a fun and congenial manner. I'm the sort of teacher who can double up as your friend, so there is no boundary between you and me. Unlike my other friend who is also a teacher, he really builds up a solid wall between himself and his students, and that usually means he has something to hide. In person, my friend is a total opposite of how he portrays himself to his students - he's a big baby, meaning he is demanding and careless with his words, but when it is directed back at him, he becomes even more offensive. Oh well, most men are babies? In the end, I have to be the bigger teacher and endure his nonsense. (which was many, by the way, witnessing a teacher throwing his undies around to make a point). Geez...

Management headache, but still calls me back
My lovely Myanmar students 
Chef from Spain was a student of mine

After the class, I have to look at the attendance sheet. The headmistress is quite the "power lady" sort, meaning she screamed at her staff (luckily not me, but I feel bad for her staff) to do this and that. When in front of me, she's a totally different person, but she still give orders around her staff. But the thing is, it truly made me uncomfortable. One cannot use his/her good looks as a front for long, the shield will wear down. I remembered my last stint as an English teacher for this restaurant and bar company, where I taught about 50 students from Myanmar. We had such a wonderful teacher-student relationship, nearly 100 percent proficiency after my classes. Unfortunately, the stint was cut short due to my inability to meet the writing assignments given by the so-called "management", which to my opinion, does not fall in my job description. It could be an excuse the "management" took to get rid of me, I don't know, but at least I left the company in good stead. I suspect the company hired me to teach and maintain one of its master chef, because he left afterwards. Like everything in life, there's no good or bad. When they let me go, in fact, I'm glad to be free. Because of that, I am able to pursue more of my interests. And now I am back with my fellow fashion students! And they're all pretty bright and zesty, like fresh oranges, haha. If you're good at what you do (for me is teaching and coaching), people will surely call you back. Thank you, God!

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