Friday, December 9, 2011

PC Fair 2011 Review - Construction, Ambience & Product offerings. One word to sum it up - CRAMPED!

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The Good Type of Cramped vs The PC Fair Cramped
Go PC Fair, not Credit Card Fair
People go to PC Fair to buy IT stuff. I went to PC Fair to apply for a credit card. Funny isn't it? Well, come to think of it, I didn't actually set out to apply for credit card at the fair, it just so happened. You know, the recent PC Fair was held at KLCC Convention Centre. The last time I was there was to attend a conference. The last year I was at PC Fair, I bought a new camera. The timing for this fair was fantastic, because it happens to be the school holidays - throngs of people were exodusing to the main hall. Notice the word "exodus", for the journey was a LONG one! To review a fair like this, one needs to consider these factors: construction, ambience and product offerings. A world of difference compared to my Fashion Reviews . This fair was cramped with people! And the feeling wasn't as pleasant as me being cramped with my dear students at the picture above.
Long walk ahead!

Buckle Your Walking Shoes
Here's where the construction bit comes into play. Imagine if you're a normal folk like me, taking the LRT. From the train station, I have to walk all the way up to the shopping mall. People were quieuing horrendously long, some with their whole family in tow! Some with their girlfriends and boyfriends. Some were in a group of friends. I think the best form factor when in such a situation is to travel singularly - meaning don't bring anyone with you. Imagine the hassle of taking care and making sure all your friends or family members are not gone astray.

Notice we are at the underground carpark

The Art of Walking - Cut Everyone!
After I reached the mall, I have to pass through the shoppers, all with their big bags. Gosh, it was indeed a hassle. Some folks were walking so god-awfully slowly, I have to cut them unapologetically. Upon arrival in the mall, I have to further walked through the carpark underground which leads to the ground floor of the convention hall. I've been through this long walks before, and took the opportunity as a form of exercise. You will see the "Pusat  Konvensyen" sign. For first timers, it seems like a labyrinth and get lost! But one tip - simply follow the crowd.

"Slaughterhouse", Here We Come!
Once you enter, you'll see a food court. At the center of the court, there's an escalator leading you up to the convention hall level. When you reached the floor, again you have to walk to the designated huge door where the signs will lead you to the fair. I think the word fair is used quite unjudiciously for an event like this - the more appropriate word could be "market". You see, when I entered, I heard screams of offers and best buys everywhere!

The sign to warn visitors on their way to the "slaughterhouse"!
There were people standing on top of chair, holding placards, shouting about their products. A flurry of noise just rushed into my head. It suddenly shuts my mind from all these crazy noise. My purpose is to apply for a credit card, so I better set off to find the booth. Now it's a very funny contruction for this event hall. You actually have to pass through the whole hall, in order to get through to the exit. Mind you, there are 2 entry points but only 1 exit! In a way, it feels so trapped to be in this fair.

Cramped walkway further cramped by human displays.

So many offerings, so little of interest
So to ease my journey, I try to savour every moment of all the hustle and bustle. Maybe I could even spot some nice offers here. Of course earlier, you guys know I have a desire to get either a Smartphone or Tablet. You may think I found paradise here, but I assure you I was very careful and asked all the necessary questions. Products that interested me where Samsung Galaxy SII, where Digi is offering, but looking at it, no matter how appealling, still have that 2 year commitment, and the model is not even the latest anymore. Then there's another booth offering Sony products. But the caveat of these products are the accessories. I got disgusted when I see the silicone casing with the Chelsea logo at the back. Come on, is there aren't any other more generic look?

It's like cruising through a sea of water and not one is worth a drop. Finally I found the credit card. The Maybankard is surely hard to apply, I was rejected before. Then when I noticed how gung-ho the sales people were, I relented. Actually, the freebies are what pique me most, but Maybank offered this measly free gift not even worthy of the trouble - a small tumbler. Urgh! After I've submitted my details, it's time to go exit. Imagine my horror, when I saw lines of sales people gathered in rows - all begging or harrassing visitors for business or some sigh-ups. I got stopped by another credit card salesperson from Hong Leong Bank, which is offering free movie passes. These salespeople are expert at making you feel like a Star.

Freebies Wallop!
After one salesperson, comes the next from RHB Bank that offers a very nice free gift, actually, a pair of headphones, which will be useful for my listening to my Walkman. After that comes UOB with its offers to stay at the Palace of the Golden Horses and also a small pocket Swiss knife. And finally the Citibank were also there to sign me up for the free chequebook services in exchange for an umbrella. of course, I walloped all these free gifts, hahaha. But this is the season to be giving , so I felt a bit "guilty".

A much needed break...
After exiting the fair, I walked up to Secret Recipe for some much deserved rest. I ordered a Cheesecake with lots of nuts in it - very rich and nutty. At my seat, I began to count my "blessings" of all the free gifts, mostly useless stuff except the headphones. The ambience at the cafe was one in which I can rest and observe and contemplate, unlike at the fair which was all crazy! The product offerings at the fair is mainly driven by PRICE and the free gifts, that is pretty much. I was adamant to purchase any branded stuff there, for I heard a rumor that some of the specs weren't up to par, or even original? Oh well, for now I can say the PC Fair 2011 was another resounding success on the organisers' part. Next time, can we make more exits at the fair?

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