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How my "Friend" gives Plus-sized people everywhere a bad name. First Rule of Happiness - Stay Away from the Unlucky and Unhappy (doesn't relate to plus-sized)

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Stay Away from Me!

Derogatory but Necessary
Fat and ugly. Two derogatory words I NEVER use on anyone, except for this particular "friend" whom I now vowed to stay away from recently after an incident. He gives all plus-sized people a bad name, seriously, he himself is in that category and he truly personifies the two derogatory words I've just mentioned. You see, I befriend anyone who are willing to be my friends regardless of their physical traits, status, sexual orientation etc. These second tier criteria such as physical traits are something beyond anyone's control. But things that are within the control of everyone is their attitude and manner of articulation. And oh, the words that come out from the mouth of this "friend" of mine is simply made for friendship-wrecking.

All sizes and shapes are Accepted 
Plus-sized leaning on the soft train buffer
The year 2011 is ending soon. Isn't it time to give yourself the happiness you truly deserved? A lot of my past students after completing my course are much able to get happiness, because of their changed perception. My course in Acting, TV Hosting, Modelling and Directing isn't just about the technical aspects, but also involves the mentality development as well. (to enquire more, simply email to My students treat me as their friend, not like a teacher.A teacher becoming a friend, I must be cautious. This is because eventually you do become part of your friend, and he/she will become part of you. Friendships are meant to be shared, and you do become your friends whom you mixed with. Take this plus-sized "friend" (a non-student mind you) of mine. He constantly needs to shove stuff into his mouth! Crackers. Bread. Roti Canai. Simply anything! Since becoming his friend, I myself am influenced by his snacks-binging. I noticed my weight ballooned the last time I was out with him.

You Become Who You Mix With
People with uncontrollable eating habits are not usually good at articulating threats and cynicism. But not this "friend" of mine. He talked like nobody's business! And a lot of times he hurled some extremely cynical words at me, on topics that are totally none of his business - on my career, my personal life, my schedule, my friends. I don't mind sharing, but he did it under the pretense that he cared for me. What's worst is, he would use back the info with a threat to expose me to other people. Fat and ugly, isn't it?

The Sponge-Effect
Happiness - only when you mix with the right crowd or the right teacher!
From this bad encounter, I felt it infuses me the purpose to really make my body fit and better. I am not happy with my current body since befriending him, for he has a way of telling how ugly I look, as if he is some kind of image consultant (in his dream, since he has a lot of self-delusions about himself). Well, he should look at himself! I weighed 10kg less than him. Again, your friends' insecurities will slowly seep in and become YOUR OWN insecurities. That's why it's important to mix with friends who are positive and with the right mental attitude. I know a few plus-sized people who doesn't have any of those insecurities mentioned and they don't force on their friends to think like they do.

Plus-sized checking himself at wash basin

Delusions of Grandeur
Looking at him, he truly does give all plus-sized people a bad name. He has an awful state of delusions in his head - like the people he has slept with, and the need for a big one from Egyptian men. By now, we all know which sexuality he is, which I am not against, just his boastfulness and conceit. He constantly heaped his stories from his past love affairs onto me - a kind of nostalgic escapade from his current state of sadness, in which he's trying to hide with all the puffery of his grand high-class self delusions. I never think that plus-sized people could be as delusional as he is. As for me, I have no choice but to listen to his stories during that time simply because I am being a friend, in which I don't think he realise.

Plus-sized walking up the stairs
Consciously Sabotage this Friendship
So beware who your friends are! You do become like them. Spending time with him has made me to become a little bit of him - causing a kind of sponge-like effect on my personality and thinking. So in my attempt to cut away from him, I went to visit him at his place. He has the tendency to criticise other people's clothing and how bad it smell. So I took the opportunity to comment on his sofa and how smelly the pillows surrounding it. A few times, some cockroaches flew into his house, and I made a huge dramatic gesture at it, hinting to him how dirty his house has become now when even insects began to flock inside. He ate a lot of crackers and the bits and pieces are let fall on the floor without care. And when we were watching the television, and news of suicide bombers in Egypt was on, I reminded him to becareful not to mistaken a dynamite in his ass with the real thing during coitus. The final blow was on his underwear smell. I came into his place quite unannounced and he would be in his underwear in front of the laptop! There were a few instances where he even tried to seduce me, urgh!

Plus-sized at the mamak
Intimates Hurling (Sorry, not me)
From that comment, he immediately tried to prove how clean his underwear was, he even suggested we take off our intimates to exchange to smell, in which I immediately refused on the spot! Sorry, I won't do such crazy thing to prove such a small point. I have taken his cynicism and turned it back against him. He suddenly went into a rage and walked inside his room for a moment. When he came out, he attempted to shove his underwear right into my direction! Good fortune on my side, in which I was able to push it away in good reflexes with my hand. After that, I told him that I wouldn't come visit him anymore, for his rude treatment of his guests. There's the cut-off point, which I made very clear. Again, not all plus-sized people behaved this way. But for my own sake, I have to forego this so-called friendship, for it is detrimental to my mental and physical.

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