Sunday, December 4, 2011

Goodbye & Hello!


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It's the last call to all humanity. The closing chapter of this life, and the opening of the next. Say goodbye to 2011! Time to welcome 2012 very soon. What's in store for the coming year? More love? More money? More scandal? Life is a constant stream of thrills and spills - neverending, always moving.... You think you have time, but all you have is this moment. And then is gone forever. Same thing applies to this blog.

Life is always in motion. Everybody is either moving or getting moved. That's why I would like to start this entry with death. Don't you all know there are no certainties in life except death? Ambition, jealousy, money, fame, glory, unfair criticism from others...all these are mere illusions and vanish in an instant! So why worry about anything? Just enjoy life, and take one moment at a time. People may cheat you, talk behind your back. You may not clinch the job you wanted, or get the life partner you desires. Your boss is heartless and cruel. But who cares? Why cared at all? Soon, all these are coming to an end.

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More Artiste-Empowering Tips
* How to walk the walk, and talk the talk.

More Personal, Scandalous Stories
* How to catch the Ideal Housemate

More Eye-Popping Sexy Pictures
* Global Rendezvous

More Glittery Events to Cover
* PC Fair 2011 review

More Happening Products to Review
* Sony Walkman review

What more do you want? Life is short. You think you know more than others...better than others. In fact, all you know is now. What happens next is beyond our control. Thinking about this, I feel more relaxed. There is no point to worry about what is going to happen in the future. All we need to concentrate is the HERE and NOW.