Friday, December 16, 2011

Even established artistes should take some private coaching. 6 hardships that will motivate you to start my coaching class today. Don't be self-enslaved, simply say TAK NAK (don't want) to hardships!

Like an unwilling SLAVE BOY, my heart screams "TAK NAK"

Being attractive, an artiste or someone with a familiar face in the media is hard anywhere, period! That's why as an Artiste Training Coach, I am there to help anyone willing to be helped. It's not all about Reality TV ShowsCasting and exuding Your Inner Star Quality , it's actually WAY MORE than that. It's not the aspiring to become an artiste that is hard work, the AFTER is also filled with hard work and tricky too. The most common example, when the temptations to smoke comes, how are you going to say "#TAK NAK" (don't want)?Speaking from experience below are some of my very own observation in which I've personally encountered in the course of being an artiste.

Hardship 1: You are given advise by weird people, when you didn't even ask for it. TAK NAK!
Personally, I hate people whom I don't know really well, or those fair-weather "friends", came up to me and offer their "advise". Be it make-up artist or silly production coordinator who offers their opinions about certain aspect of the talent. "Oh, you should wear a tighter shirt" or "the make-up is not right". Hello? Worse, away from production locations, in public places, like in the pool, one man was offering his advise about my swimming. I don't even know him! For what's it's worth, just shut your trap, ok?

Smoking? TAK NAK!
Hardship 2: You are being looked at funnily when dressed a bit differently. TAK NAK!
Our society is made of people who are processed from childhood to conform into their birth categories of religion, race and status. During school days, we are given uniforms, When we're working, each are assigned to their own dresscodes. What's worst is, in social settings, if an artiste dressed a bit differently, you'll be looked at as if you don't belong or pathetic. Sorry, of course I'm different from you. I'm an artiste, hello? Unless you're judging me in a PHOTO CONTEST, then you can look at me indiscriminately.

Hardship 3: You are asked selfish questions only to benefit other people. TAK NAK!
I hate it when people asked me how much I earned in all my commercials. Or the amount of money I earned from those local TV dramas.Psst..psst...being a Chinese Male talent in Malaysia who only speaks English and BM (Chinese can converse but cannot read), my status in the whole scheme of things in our entertainment industry is very LOW. My height is only 170cm tall and body not that hunky, come on. Hence, my pay is also very low. I mean, what's the point of you knowing anyway? (unless you're my student in Artiste Training Course and thinking of DUIT FREE or easy money). I'm talking about people on the street who asked these kind of questions. The thing with these questions is it is hooked with an ulterior motive - "so how can I become a talent like you?" Well, I don't have a clue, darling! You need to qualify to become my student first, then I'll know what are your strengths and weaknesses. How on earth am I going to tell you on the spot? It'll be unfair to you for me to assess you so quickly.

Hardship 4: You are invited to press/job interviews not for the intended purpose but to give others a chance to judge you. TAK NAK!
I've been invited by this well-known English daily newspaper to come to their office for a so-called interview, only to have 3 or 4 of unknown fellows in the conference room with me, just looking at me up and down like I'm some kind of latest gadget in the market. I was expecting those few fellows to be jotting down what I have say, but they were just smiling and looking curious. Also there were a few incidents already, I've been called for a job interview, and the interviewers are just keen to see how I look like in person. See, an artiste couldn't get a job that easily. What's worst, I am perceived as some kind of non-committed freak in the employment market - someone who cannot stays long in a job. So hard to earn a living.....

I want to be free!
Hardship 5: Your stuff could be stolen. TAK NAK!
I cannot count how many stuff I've lost in my lifetime. The most recent is my swimming goggles and trunks at the pool. My gosh, I just left it at the shower for a moment, and poof it was gone! At that time, my mind was so caught up with the ideas for this entry. I don't know who or what the culprit is going to do with my stuff, since its a worn pair of Philosophy white trunks and the orange lenses goggles are taken without the container (if anyone of you identified anyone wearing these at the pool, report to me asap with details!). Probably he'll auction it off at ebay and make big claims of the stuff being worn by some unknown celebrity so the price would skyrocket. Not only my stuff are stolen, artistes themselves are cheated by the production companies (even established ones, mind you) with their talent fees cut and reduced substantially for some unjustified "mistakes" concocted by unscrupulous people.

Hardship 6: Your health could be at risk. TAK NAK!
Being an artiste, you'll be offered all kinds of temptations that could risk your health permanently. Like cigarettes or drugs. During my course as a working artiste, believe me, people do come up and offer me cigarettes. But I know since I was young that SMOKING KILLS. I lost my father at a young age, so I relied on my uncle as a sole male figure in my young life. But my uncle died from lung cancer, stolen away from me forever by cigarettes! What irritates me the most is even my step-brothers smoked and I hated it so much since from young, hence I'm repelled automatically. Smoking also makes a family break up and in turmoil. But for young aspiring artistes, don't think holding out a cigarette is cool and make you feel part of a group. Truth is, after the smoking session is long over, where is this group of yours? Long gone, baby. And you are left with a nasty habit. If you're an artiste who smokes, your looks will take a dreadful toll. And who wants to look old before their time? Hello, wake up. It's time to be healthy. For more info on healthy lifestyle, go to LINK: GAYA HIDUP SIHAT .

There you have it. All the interesting weirdos crawling freely in our societies these days. So how can an artiste protect him/herself? It's never easy, when facing these hardships in real life. It's totally different vibe from reading it here. That's why I come up with the personal coaching for artistes through my Artiste Training Course (not only for aspiring artistes, but for established ones as well). Take heed of these 6 hardships, and make a stand for yourself towards freedom! Simply say these 2 simple words: TAK NAK.