Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Display 2011 Review & why it's all same old, same old. Except one new and really good too.

Exactly one year ago, I did a review on the various Christmas fashion displays. Now after started a new syllabus with my new batch of fashion students, hopefully they can benefit and even get some tips on how to do their various assignments. Those students who are SMART enough will remember what I lectured in class that day, but so far, I can only count a few who are truly smart. Now back to the display, I set out again to the city and try to uncover some beautiful gems of Christmas display at a few megamalls in the city. Of course, at the same time, I also wanted to buy some presents for friends. For the benefit of my current students, I have assembled the various reviews I've written in the hopes that it could help guide them in designing their own fashion window displays, links for the reviews below:
MaSIF Fashion Review
Spring/Summer Fashion Display @KLCC
IFTC Students' Fashion Show @Sungei Wang

KLCC - My Music Box is bigger than yours.
I choose KLCC to be the first Christmas display for review because they actually set up all their props way back in November. I love the Christmas music box idea and supposedly the Christmas tree would pop out from it, rather than a ballerina figure or a nutcracker soldier. Anyway, the look is still cliche, the only saving grace is the music box concept.

Pavillion - Please "bear" with me in Wonderland.
Next we head off to Pavillion. I love the gateway entrance to their "Christmas Wonderland", except I dont's see any "Alice", but rows of international bear figures. If you walk to the centre concourse, then the whole concept sort of fizzles back to the cliche - Christmas trees, lights etc. It borders on the same old, same old. The "box-office" attraction is of course, those lovey-dovey bears surrounding the main entrance. I noticed a lot of shoppers snapping pictures with the bears of their choice.

Fahrenheit - Wedding Cake or Christmas Tree?
This shopping complex is still new, I think it should be their 1 year anniversary. Last year I did a review on it. This year, they have a fairy tale dome, with bouquets of flowers and lights strewn all over it. This concept looks very similar to a wedding reception, and might not have the total Christmas atmosphere? Of course, again, the cliches of having a Santa Claus mascot around and the sleigh in the front to make the last impression.

Sungei Wang - Little Show Girls Extravanganza
There's a nice platform stage in the middle, and little christmas trees, unlike those giant ones around the city. I enjoy the performances of this extremely young girls, doing a Chinese number - and these girls can dance. I love the simple presentation, and quite a relief from all the giant Christmas trees and lights.

Berjaya Times Square - Toy Fun Christmas
I truly enjoy the giant toy figures, like the 2 shown in the picture. Of course, again, you simply must have the Christmas tree in the middle, and the red closing drapes. Other than that, this display appears to be just .... plain fun.

And the Winner is.....Mid Valley! In the Garden of Christmas Dreamscape
Truly magical. The labyrinth-like structure of the garden really mimicks the royal garden of King Louis XIII. I love the "personalised" touch of the entrance, and how it makes me feel as a visitor, somewhere in between a royalty and a little child. All the elements are in perfect harmony, the little gazebo in the middle, flowers and shrubs and well-manicured leaves, of course they're all fake.

But just the feeling it evokes to the shoppers is simply whimsical and magical. I am transformed back into a child again! Well done, Mid Valley!

Being Thankful
Of course, after all these Christmas shopping malls reviews, one tends to feel so "hungry" to go shopping. Those beautiful old Christmas songs playing, bringing back nostalgic memories being a child during Christmas, and expecting presents. Of course now, as an adult, you don't receive as many presents as you do back then. But still, no reason not to buy something for myself. As you guys know, my swimming trunks was stolen by someone at the public pool, and so I went over to Philosophy and spotted a nice one. Well, here's my Christmas present for myself. I think this year, I am much better at restraining myself from over-splurging on unnecessary material shopping. Besides the material, I'm also thankful for my health, good fortune and many other blessings - one prime example is my Coaching Practice is Getting Bigger. So what's in store for 2012? One can only wait and hope.

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