Tuesday, November 15, 2011

3 things Malaysians won't take notice when left unattended in public areas and why you should always have it with you.

My father and me on my 3rd and last
birthday party together. (the year he died)
Being a child who lost his father at age 3 in a traumatic car accident, the fear of losing things was instilled in me since young. Of course now, being an adult, I am learning to let go, but to varying success. Losing stuff really makes me worried in the beginning. During my 20s, the fear of being alone was always there. So having stuff around me seems to be of comfort - books, clothes, electronic gadgets etc. Of course we all lose stuff. But as I am beginning to let go of that fear, I began to notice something. Not all stuff that you lose, are lost forever. Sometimes they come back, or re-appear. And that is truly a great feeling to see the stuff you thought you lost, reappears again. It gives me that sentimental hope (no matter how thin it maybe) that even though I lost my father at a very young age, perhaps I might meet him again someday in the next life.

Towel waiting for its master
Losing stuff is never a good thing. Especially if that stuff cost you a lot of money. Like handphone or camera. Interestingly, there are basically 3 things that I owned specifically, that actually "returns". The first thing I want to mention here is my towel. I used to bring along a huge towel with me to the pool whenever I want to swim. But it's so heavy to carry it home, after using it, because it's wet and took much space in my bag. So the next day, I decided to use a smaller towel, akin to a face towel, just to dry my wet body. And it worked just fine. My body is not that big, hence even a small towel is sufficient to dry it. But my own clumsiness! After drying myself, I left the small towel hanging at the iron rod near to the shower area, to dry.  In the midst of my hurry, I forgot to bring it back with me. So the next day, I went back to the pool, and to my pleasant surprise - it was still there at exactly the same spot where I left it! Of course it was raining, and that poor towel of mine was like a little puppy just waiting to be reunited with its master.

Trustworthy umbrella
Now the second stuff that Malaysians won't usually take when you left it in public area is the umbrella. I truly hate buying umbrellas, because I am so specific of the size, shape and length of an umbrella - due to the limited space in my bag and I'm always on the go. So the umbrella must be in the right shape and length to fit in nicely, also it must open to a reasonable covering in the event of rain. My losing of the umbrella incident came on the way home in the LRT train. The journey was tediously long, and it just rained. So I snoozed all the way back, and left my umbrella hanging at my side - to let the water drip away while I slept. When my station arrived, I quickly awoke from my nap and totally forgot that I left my trustworthy umbrella in the train! But I knew the train would turn back after the last stop, so I waited at the opposite side of the platform. I only remembered the shape of the train, and estimated which seat position I was at the time I left it. Thank goodness my memory was sharp and able to keep the details. After waiting a while, the next train arrived at the opposite side. When the door slides open, my humble little umbrella was still there, clinging at the side of the seat - waiting for me. I quickly stepped inside, grabbed my umbrella and stepped out before the door slides closed.

See the stuff I wore? Left it in the train
Taking care of your stuff
The final thing that Malaysians won't even bother is the underwear. Yes it's true. Unless you intentionally want to be filthy and want others to have it, don't even bother that others are going to take it. Of course, it also depends what brand of intimates you have. Like mine, I value each and every piece, so I will never leave it anywhere! Of course, I never leave my intimates around, but I simply don't understand others who do! Unless you're sleeping with someone you love, that act would be justifiable. If you're not, best to keep it to yourself. Men's underwear costs a bundle these days, especially those reputable brands. I know this is an interesting entry, but it's something I love to share with my readers here. That's all you're getting, not my underwear, haha!

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