Friday, October 14, 2011

The Burden of being a Star - 3 reasons why you should reconsider about becoming famous before it's too late..

Hand grabbed by an excited sales person
Ruckus in the Mall
I'm always thankful whenever people approach me in a nice way, and mentioned that they recognised me for my acting. It's also very insightful for me to hear about which program or shows they might have seen me in. Of course, a majority of the people on the street just "sort of" recognise me from "somewhere" but never really able to pin down which program. Fair enough.

Just today, I went to KLCC to shop for a new smartphone. It takes time to shop for a good smartphone, so far I've shortlised either Samsung Galaxy SII or Iphone 4s. (I think Samsung is better, what do u think guys?) So when I entered into the shop, a few of the sales staff were already eyeing me. I've been to that shop a few times before, and am quite familiar.

Nowadays, my fans are very brave. One of the male staff suddenly took my hand and pulled me towards him quite unexpectedly. Of course, I take it lightly and brush it off as a joke. I have to understand that normal folks usually get excited when they see someone "famous" or who acted/performed on the silver screen in person. I'm quite glad that he remembered me and even specifically stated which show and what I wore for that show really make an impression on everybody's minds!! Now I know people remember my sexy moves more than my commercials:

Of course I am still human, and at times I feel violated in some ways, but you see, that's the thing about being "famous". In my case, I was famous (and apparently after the ruckus in the mall, still is) and all these burden comes with the territory. And for my followers reading this entry, I hope you are prepared. Being famous is not all that rosy as it seems. It's different if you are famous and rich, but unfortunately in my case, I am only famous but not in the money aspect. If you are rich, then you can hire a few bodyguards. What happen if you're not? Kill off your fantasy of becoming a star? Fret not my dear readers, read on...the 3 reasons why you should reconsider before becoming famous.

Caught one of my students trying to
snap my picture, I quickly snap back! Caught you!
1) Being photographed unknowingly...
If you're famous but poor like me, then hopefully these few pointers will help you prepare for the future. First, remember you will always be photographed. My last stint as an English Teacher cum Communications Coach for this company has really taught me to be camera-ready at all times, usually when the students are in class! You see, you cannot control people from taking pictures of you, especially in my case when I'm working! It's hard to teach and be aware of how your hair look at the same time! So how do you solve this situation? Simple - turn the camera back on them! Yes, when you noticed they are snapping away at you, you snap back their pictures.

De-sensitize your sensitive parts..
ahem, use clippers?
2) Being harassed physically and verbally...
This one comes in physical or verbal forms. Like in the case when I was window-shopping, the sales people  would grab my hand or some even walked across my path like a shallow snob. During my stint as a teacher, some of my students also came near to me so as to get my "closer attention". At one point, one of the student's arm knocked right into my crotch area! You must not get angry at them, no, no, no. Sometimes, people might not realise their "mistakes". The worst scenario is to pad all your sensitive body parts with an extra layer of clothing, but who in their right mind would do that? You'll turn up to look like a bulk of cloth! Or in some extreme cases, you might want to use a clipper to de-sensitive all your sensitive parts so when you encounter such people, you'll be "dead" to their touch. Again, these are just theory and not practical in real life. So what can you do effectively and rationally? Simply say "excuse me" and move away. 

Looking at me? Not handsome arr...
3) Being looked at discriminately
I am used to being looked at by people on the street. In the beginning, you may feel funny - not sure whether they're checking your walk or your butt. But then, composure is important. Don't react in anyway or awkwardly when people are looking at you. They may not know that you're a "star" or some kind of TV "celebrity", so don't fool yourself. Acting normal and relax is key. If you feel too intense when a person is looking, simply approach that person and asked "Excuse me, do I know you from somewhere". And always smile. Of course, I've experienced being looked at with an evil look, as though I'm some kind of village thrash just waiting to be get rid of. When in that scenario, I can only look straight ahead and ignore such person's stare. The thing is, we don't know what's their problem is and couldn't care a fart.

In a nutshell, being "famous" is not something good or something that you should aspire blindly. Think ahead of time, and expect the future to be totally different and not what you see in Hollywood. In Malaysia, doesn't mean you're famous you're automatically rich. What's worse, you may be used to be the poster boy for something thrashy or negative. But a lot of people dreams of becoming famous solely for the money. If you need counselling or coaching in your journey, feel free to enquire for my Artiste Training Course or Communications Courses. Kindly read my newly revised self-description (About me) section at your left hand column for more info about my services and what I do. Now you can be a follower or subscribe below:

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