Sunday, September 11, 2011

Future Forward - Fashion Displays, Iphone 5 craze and what's in store for everyone, can we all tell? A day's review of the future to come.

That's the exciting thing about the future. Nobody can predict what will happen. That's why I love fashion, music and the movies. The future for these are always uncertain. As an artiste myself, I relish the idea of not knowing what's my next project. It could be anything! A training project I need to conduct. A movie project where I'll fly off to some unknown destination. The excitement of not knowing is simply exhilarating for me. Of course, not all can be in my position. A lot of people prefer to know when their next pay cheque will come in. Or the daily routine set clearly for them. And it's not a bad thing too. But if you claim yourself to be a true artiste, then NOT knowing the future should motivate you to move forward with all your heart, not set you back - that's what my Artiste Training Course seek to prepare each of its students.

Like yesterday, I was walking "inside myself" KLCC and found a new section of Isetan - which was recently opened. I walked around, and looked at the selection of groceries I might want to buy. There are a dozen eggs cost like RM4, some nice cafes and bakeries. I saw a selection of pastries, and decided to try the choc puffs by Sun Moulin. That's the great thing about KLCC - it is always changing. The interiors are always renewing itself. That day I have another purpose of visiting KLCC - I wanted to get myself a new Sony Walkman. The past 2 months seem like a slump - with so many of its models out of stock. And voila, on this special day, a new model just arrived! So I got hold of this new Sony Walkman, as a treat for myself. So let's start the Fall/Autumn window display review.

Defined Geometry
For this display, various forms of shapes resembling the time we were in Geometrics class. The men's clothing are more preppy, signalling this year's autumn/fall's trend. Not much adventure with colours with this season, and everybody's legs are covered from hips to ankles. But the squares and triangles will keep your eyes fixated for awhile.

Black Files and Conventional
Seems like the season signals the season for working girls - in the office! Look at the hairstyle - a cup formation at the top, like someone is going to fill her head with waters of knowledge? Or it's simply to signify her empty-headedness? For this season, the colours are simply dull and conventional. Welcome back to the office, ladies....

Jumping hoops
For this display, again the same black and white colours are back. Notice the head cover and leggings. Apparently the autumn/fall season is ripe for  themes of the macabre - death for certain, life for colours - none! But the interesting aspect in this display is the circle centre-element, like hoops we use in sports to slim down our waists. The circle of life? Or jumping hurdles to reach your end?

The men for the same display fares better. The preppy look is back again, notice how tight the jeans were, and sweater with jackets tie-in.

Men of many words
This display is simply classic. The cleans lines of the jacket and trousers are ideal for the older gentleman. Notice the copious amounts of words at the background. A tactic to stop passers-by to read?

Sunset in the Office
This is another unique display, since the background is lit by a floor lamp, which acts as some sort of sunlight in this black space. The office theme is obvious, with both the models wearing clothes that are conventional.

International Time Traveller
Office men seems to dominate this autumn/fall season. Look at the giant clocks at the background, indicating time from different cities around the world. The office suit is sleek and current, allowing any corporate climber to run, rush and dominate the world.

Time to organise
Essential fall/autumn wear - presented neatly in wooden frames. The message is loud and clear. Time to organise your clothes. Jackets, t-shirts, blazers and jeans. Organise into categories, and you don't have to search again.

The Birds (crows?) are back
The black bird-shaped foreground is simply eye-catching. Of course the colour is back, indicating these shapes as crows. But look closely, and it could be other types of birds from autumn. Wooden stilts are evident - conjuring the forest space.

Gold ants for blue
Finally, some colours. But wait, aren't those some nasty ants in gold? I hate ants because it bites and leaves a nasty itch and mark on my skin. Being the autumn/fall season, our fellow model mannequins have to do some manual labor. But a little bit of colour should cheer the whole arduous task ahead.

Traditional autumn/fall
The "wayang kulit" (a form of traditional stage puppetry using light and shadows) background is lovely. The clothes are rather conventional, not form-fitting, but very loose on the figure, suggesting relaxation. The other display is richer in its set direction.

So what is the future in store for you?
The craze for the Iphone 5 debut is palpable in cyberspace - some say it's debuting this week, others say next month. Personally for me, I don't care much for that brand, because for practical reasons, I seldom make any calls. Most of the time, I receive calls rather than making them (or direct my assistants to make them) - so Apple may not find me an ideal customer. As a Communications Strategy Coach, the question above is one I always got asked - directly and indirectly. For me, I believe the future now is more self-centric. No more the conventional way of managing your staff, because your staff is not whom you think they are. Perception plays a key. As a leader, how your staff views you is just as important as does your shareholders, target markets and board of directors. I was walking down Bukit Bintang today, and noticed this giant advertising electronic board showcasing the pedestrians on the streets (view right image). It's obvious that it's meant to advertise a brand, but the brand no longer stays static, it is changing - as reflected on the public who consumes the brand. The public is now holding the power. If you reflects what they desires, your brand becomes ever more valuable and current. This is the future for now. This is the future that calls for better communication coaching for any top level executives who wants their target markets to get their message, understand them and act accordingly.

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