Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My new MP4 - enjoying it so much, and it's neither Ipod or Sony. It's....

Sick for 2 days....
...ZEN Creative! Yes, and I got it at a sale too. Before I delve further into this little gem, I would like to apologise for my late entry update, due to my extreme sick condition. You guys must have felt it too, the crazy extremely hot weather. Plus, I used to eat a lot of "heaty" stuff, and one of my friend invited me out for dinner and ordered me a watermelon juice, after that, it's all downhill! I was sick for 2 full days, with so little energy. And in that 2 days, I got so many things to do! What such luck. So I forced myself out from bed and went attending all the various errands for my company.

Comes with slot for removable SD Card (but max up to 4gig only)
Now back to my new MP4, I am quite pleasantly surprised to got it, for I was walking in Best Denki, new outlet opening at KLCC. They were having a sales, and suddenly I spotted this MP4. The size is only 2gig, but it has a removable SD card. The promoter was good at selling it. But there are limitation for the SD card could only carry maximum up to 4gig. So it adds up to 6gig of music storage. It was the LAST one in the store, and 2 has already been sold off.

Simple interface

Sound quality good, interface so-so
The sound quality of Zen Creative is pretty on par with Sony, with its rich bass. I am quite drawn to it. And surprised. My attraction to it must also do with its size. Fits nicely into the palm of my hand. But as I browse through the interface of the mp4, I discovered that there's no album cover to categorize each music selection into its own proper albums. The earphones are simple. Sometimes, I would have to dig the earphones deeper into my eardrums, to actually hear the music, or I have to amp up the volume.

Why do they persuade me to get the adaptor?
When I purchase this mp4, the promoter persuaded me to buy the Zen adaptor as well, and it costs like RM5. So I did. The reason she gave was the adaptor that comes with the mp4 is very short and can only be connected to a laptop. Unfortunately, the downside of using the Zen Adaptor is, after being charged, the mp4 just went blank! I just couldn't switch on the player in a normal way! Instead, I have to use a pin to poke inside the setting hole, which is pretty ridiculous for me. One important tip to remember when purchasing anything at Best Denki: KEEP THE RECEIPTS! They actually considered that as some sort of warranty, at least in the case of my mp4 purchase.

Made in Hong Kong and pretty good
But i conclusion, Zen Creative is actually a good product. If you're looking for sound quality, it is satisfactory. For interface on the screen, still very basic compared to Ipod or Sony, which are more advanced and more colourful. Transferring of music wise, it is very easy to do. But if you have a huge library of music to carry with you, then you would need to buy several SD cards and keep it with you, which is not practical. Before I purchase the Zen Creative, which was the last one in stock, I did went over to Sony Station to enquire about the arrival of their latest walkman models. Still no news. Frustrated, I'll just have to keep this Zen for company.