Monday, July 11, 2011

My Birthday Celebration - An important record of my present state of Mind and Body.

A little surprise party organised by my latest batch of students
Auspicious Day on an Auspicious Year
At this day 11 July, 2011, what a beautiful day and numbering too. Of course I am referring to my birthday. As  of now, I have received a total of 5 birthday wishes (more are expecting to come), 3 special gifts and 1 very good feeling - that I am guided by a greater power than myself. No money problems at the moment. Got a roof over my head. Good health. Good mind. What more could a man ask for? I believe when we ask for more, we may get it. Sometimes more does not mean it's better quality. So one simply just count one's blessings. Do you know this year, all my numbers consists of the same numbering pairs, even my age? Beautiful....

Surprised and thankful for the love received from my students
Gaining Momentum - One Goal at a Time
Career-wise, I have achieved what I've set out to do. First I wanted to be infamous, and did. Second, I wanted to become an actor, and I did. The third act, and current one, is to become a teacher, and I am now still teaching - this time so much bigger than the last batch of students. Of course, acting is still going on, but on one's birthday, one would consider taking only quality projects. I am so happy that my ex-student got a film role! He shall be a shining example of my success in coaching students who aspire to become artistes. Great job, S.Nair! Diversified skill sets are important in generating a great income. That's why joining an Artiste Training Course can be your next crucial career decision.

Some presents received - but the little Golden Pig means the most!
Love for Others
Love-wise is a bit tricky. When one has attained a certain kind of "fame", one tends to be more careful in inviting anyone into one's life. Even friendship-wise, I have learned much that even the most honest friends can be just as manipulative as the bad friends. Recently, I tried to hook up 2 of my old single friends from camp together, giving them my blessings if they were to become a couple. But they denied their relationship for some time, even when they were actually together, right in front of me - hence, indirectly giving me the impression that I am the other guy, someone to be mistrusted? It's all human nature. The pangs of insecurities constantly scratches into the minds and hearts. One can only be still, and heed these wise words "This too, shall pass..."

My birthday cake - short, sweet & delicious
Being Happy to Meet Challenges
In fact, my new stint at a famous restaurant in Changkat, has actually revitalised my fame value - this time  towards the Myanmar nationals. They are an interesting lot of people - a breath of fresh air to the concept of being Asian, which encapsulates so much diversity. I may have a great challenge in front of me - educating them in the English language. But life is a series of challenges, isn't it? One must face each day with a bold and  daring heart to take life by its horns and turn it into the direction one hopes will lead the next new venture. Like the Spanish bullfighter in the rings of life, hold on to your red cloth. Victory belongs to the brave.

Love is Anywhere when You Have Love Yourself
On my way back from teaching, my students gave me a surprise birthday cake. In my heart I am so very touched and thankful, for I truly teach them with all my heart, and they felt it too. My sincerity in really teaching and hoping for their advancement in the language is evident, everytime when they attended my class, I sense a kind of excitement and anticipation. Here I would like to wish all my students at the restaurant and bar a big THANK YOU.