Friday, June 17, 2011

If you were caught in committing adultery, will you let this violence befall on you?

How can this happen?
I am shocked, apalled, cringed when watching this video. And it's happening still in the 21st century Malaysia. Yes, the guy was committing adultery with a married woman. Yes, the husband has the right to be angry at the man. But does he has the right to inflict such violence on the man himself? How about the woman? That speaks of how sexuality for straight people is even more violent than the gays or transgender. And they're sending those softies to army camps to toughen them up to act like those brutes in the video - punching and kicking the adulterer.

It's because we don't think 
Again, this is an important piece of evidence of how our Malaysian society is spiralling downward in thinking, mindset and attitude. I am not siding the poor guy who was caught committing the adultery with the woman. But does the husband ever think that it takes TWO to make an adultery? Why such violence on the man? Why are there a group of Malay men surrounding the poor guy and hit him like this? Was his crime so heinous that deserves such violence or issit the anger is actually already in existent on this religious group of men? You know, adultery makes great movies. Look at Double Indemnity, Brief Encounter. It's great because they don't show the men kicking and hurling abuse at the adulterer. That's just poor taste.

The man is the affair initiator in this film
It's because we are too religious
I am really glad this incident was recorded because it shows what level of our Malaysian mentality has regressed to so far. And I am not proud. This village mentality that can be good and extremely bad at the same time. A group of men ganging up on the poor male adulterer. And all these violence is done in the name of religion! Can't he just simply divorce his wife?

It's because we are too emotional 
The concentration of energy and pent-up emotions directed on the poor man is definitely a case all psychologists in the world could investigate and profile. It's the immature, baby, stuck-in-adolescence phase. Like it or not, Malaysians in general are not grown up to be good, rational thinking individuals. Most of us are still very much attached to our parents. Most of us put so much effort and energy in "values, tradition and religion" to the point that it is going against human rights.

It's because we fear too much
When values, tradition and religion are the top priorities, it makes us all group away from each other, causing division among races. An example, take me. I am of mixed Chinese parentage, a non-muslim, and watching this video makes me want to mix with my own race of people more than ever. Totally diverts away from the "Satu Malaysia" concept isn't it? Fear runs deep in our society. Fear of committing offense to our religion, tradition and values. That only creates division and disbelief among each other.

The woman is the mastermind in this movie
It's because we follow what society, religion, tradition and values dictates
But who is it anyway who dictates all that? Ever wonder? I believe in some way, the adulterous couple in the video figured out that point. They might have awaken from the veil and discovered, for a brief moment, that they could love whoever they wanted (in secret) and not care what society thinks of it. For a moment, they experienced true freedom in the arms of each other. The wife could be wanting to leave the husband because the husband has been abusive? The poor man being beaten up and ganged-up upon could be just an innocent guy being duped by the wife for his blind kindness. The whole origins of the adultery is simply too subjective and delved in matters of the heart.

It's because we have forgotten that we are humans
Along the way, I think Malaysian society has forgotten that we are all human, first and foremost. We can never ever follow the lines of values, religion and tradition without diverting it. And it's alright! Why is there such harsh punishment inflicted on the poor adulterer, which involves the whole goddamn village? It's like back in Jesus' time, when he said "Let the first one without sin, casts the first stone". And I assure you all those men in the video hitting and slamming at the poor guy is every bit a hypocrite. We are what we called "passion-less". Neither here nor there. Our passion is hidden, locked away in closet. But whenever someone did an act that viewed as against "religion, value and tradition", that's when we get all fired up, bursting with holier-than-thou enthusiasm and pin the sinner at the wall for all to see. Hit them where it hurts most. Again, hypocrisy.

It's because we're not passionate enough
Everyone of us is afraid to speak up in person when it comes to religion, values and tradition. How I wish the woman adulterer would rose up, screamed at the top of her lungs, pushed those men away and covered her lover from being kicked and punched, finally in loving embrace. But she didn't. She just sat there, frozen in fear and occasionally muttered a few words while her lover is being trampled on. I believed she sums up the image each and everyone of us are like in real life. Inside we feel, but outside we're unable to do anything. And that is exactly the image each and everyone of us must break away from in order for us to move forward as a society that the very least, will respect the human rights of even an adulterer. We must feel and act. At the very least, act in a humane way that respects each other as a human being - not a sinner, wrong-doer to be punished and kicked upon. Or we'll remain frozen and helpless, exactly like the woman adulterer in the video.