Saturday, June 11, 2011

For the Love of Pastries so Life is Sweet (and it should)

Usually after a bad briefing session or some tough negotiations I had encountered, I will usually reward myself. Life is not easy as an artiste in Malaysia, so rewarding yourself is always a great way to rejuvenate your mind and spirits. For me, I love pastries. It's round-shaped. White powdery sweet. Moist. Delicious!

Cream Puffs & Kaya Balls
Oh my! My weight is putting on. Hehe, anyway, I admit I love pastries. Of every kind. You know, after a meal. Or for the midnight snacks. Seriously, everyone who loves pastries have that kind of happy attitude about them. First thing, pastries can range from cheap to expensive. Like the ones you see here, its kaya balls. Costs like RM2.50 for 10 balls. Then of course, there's the cream puff I bought at Seapark at RM 1.50. I bought them all at the corner stalls.

Moist Chocolate Cake & Cuppa Flat White
The more upscale pastries would be cakes. Secret Recipes do dish up some nice cakes. I like the Moist Chocolate Cake with chocolate swirls covering the top. Yum. Depending on which branch of Secret Recipe you're in, NOT all give you that delicious swirls. That's the funny thing. Why can't they standardize that all shops with Moist Chocolate cake must have swirls? Miscommunication? Well, only I know which branch has that, and I ain't telling, haha! Recently I read that caffeine is good for men, and it helps to avoid prostate cancer. Very good, let's drink it up, men!

Roti bakar and teh ais
Life is sweet, when you have pastries. Or drink a cup of teh-tarik. The pleasures....Of course I limit myself to only 1 pastry per day. If I had say toast (roti bakar) for tea, then I won't have any pastry in the evening. Nowadays I find that I ate roti bakar less, because in KL, I seldom came across a good kopitiam with good roti bakar. There was one next to Berjaya Times Square, but I find the owner of the kopitiam a bit cold and odd. Geez.. The layer looks thick, but the kaya inside should be spread a bit more. Life is good, and it should!

Fresh buns versus packaged cake
Besides the usual bakery shop, you can always purchase some very delicious buns - 3 for only RM2 at the street vendors. I usually get a mixture of kaya and butter bun, red beans and lotus. It's so worth it! Like for these 3 buns, it could last me for a week, for I don't eat the entire bun in one go (unless I'm very hungry). Usually I will split it and save the other half. A lot of you may wonder what is a lotus bun, it can be seen at the bottom of the picture. It's green with sprinkles of sugar on top. Sweet and delicious. There's one orange cake I bought at the supermarket and it's extremely messy to eat with. Messy because when I cut it with a knife, the cake just "breaks" up into tiny pieces. I think it must be because it is packaged, therefore the freshness is not there causing there to be no air to pull the cake in one piece. It's also harder to put the knife into the cake for it was hard.

And finally, White Chocolate with Macadamia Nuts
I love white chocolate with macadamia nuts. Like in my previous entry, it is sweetness with a crunch! Espeecially the side of the cake with its milky layering as shown in the picture. Simply divine. You just want to savour every moment of it!