Friday, June 3, 2011

Food Shops with Good Food and Cheap Price that's already closed for business - It's just so worth it & sad at the same time.

Last Day of Opening - took a picture with a fan
Nothing lasts forever. Life is so brief, in a moment, it's all gone. I came across these photos in my camera recently, and it has been inside just waiting to get published. And it's here, finally. See the woman standing next to me? When I first moved into the neighborhood, her shop "Lee Lok" had the feel of an old Penang, stuck somewhere in my memory. Those really good food at cheap prices. I remembered bringing my students from Artiste Training Course there to eat. For 4 small dishes helpings in a plate of rice, it's only RM3.50. Imagine that! And the content is so filling!

Last Day Opening at Lee Lok
I remember that time when I went into the shop and suddenly received the news that it will be the last day the shop will be open for business. What a jolt. Thank goodness I brought my camera with me that time, and quickly took a few shots. The woman posed with me has a very slim figure and love to tie her hair in a long ponytail. She moves very quick too when serving the customers. Her son is married to a Thai girl, who speaks broken Cantonese (whom she tries to learn from me).
Lee Lok No More

That time, I have more money, so I would usually spend on food. I was also a bit sad due to that time I let go a movie offer because of my commitment to an event project. That coincided with the dates and clashed. My weight went up to 70kg! Of course, after the shop were closed, I began to look for other shops. And eventually learned to cook for myself, which I could save some money also. The most important thing is, my weight eventually went down to 65kg, which is my current now.

Plaza Low Yat Food Court - Mini Wok
Another place I love to share with you, which now is "extinct" is the food court at Low Yat Plaza. That was before they had their renovation, and there was a shop that serves the most delicious fish with fried rice with fries. Guess how much it cost? Only RM7.50, and it comes with a soup and watermelon pieces. The shop is still there, but the price has convert back to RM12.50. I was lucky to have to manage to eat there 3 times before it closed for renovation. It's just so worth it.

Seapark - Fish & Chips
Sometimes I go back to Seapark to eat at a few of my favourite shops. I spent my 20s there, so there's a lot of memories. There's one delicious Fish and Chips shop operated by a husband and wife from Sabah. The reason why I loved it is because of the fish size, which is humongous! Thick and delicious fish meat. The memory of the deliciousness is still in mind. Maybe I was not well-fed when I was a child, which cause me to appreciate all these delicious moments of foodie paradise. Now that I am an adult, I can eat what I want. But with this freedom, comes the appreciation. Hence, life is such. In a moment, it's gone. Be good to yourself, to others. Eat, don't think about your weight. Drink, don't think about the peeing. Learn, don't be afraid. Our Artiste Training Course teaches you to be bolder and braver about life.