Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Buyer's Psychology - A Guide to How Our Artiste Training Course is Value for Money

Is this my new Iphone? Later you'll know...
Spending is good for the soul
Like most everyone else, I love to shop and spend money. Malaysians nowadays are always out to look for discounts and best buys. It is not a good practice in my opinion. Take example a tip i got from a sales person from this laptop I bought. I told him how the price dropped at the recent PC Fair, and you know what he told me? The reason the prices were dropped is because of the AP installation, which means its not 100% genuine, therefore if the product is spoilt, the original manufacturer will not accept it to fix it. So be careful of any sales or fairs - the products might not be 100% genuine. Different people prioritise differently when it comes to spending. Depending also on your current stage, be it your age or marital status, the choices you made in spending differs tremendously. For working adults who already had a steady career with a steady income, they should really channel part of their income into self-development. Like in our ARTISTE TRAINING COURSE, it helps everyone (not only working adults, it also includes housewives, students) in better communicating their ideas and opinions in any situation, be it at the workplace, home and anywhere else.

Discover your motivation to buy first
The motivation for me in writing this article comes when my MP4 player went berserk and broke down. I used it very often, and dropped it so many times, the time of its demise is already certain. And one fine day - it happened! So now, I have to spend a certain amount of money to invest in a device that would accompany me especially when I'm commuting. For a moment, I did think whether I can live without an MP4. without music. Especially during those long minutes in the train. Finally, I decided I have to. Like in my ARTISTE TRAINING COURSE, I have made it clear that learning is the main priority and motivation - so that way, EVERYONE can join my course without the worry of whether they are an aspiring actor or not, even housewife and working adults can join. Unlike an MP4 player, our Artiste Training knowledge lasts forever.

Stay away from friends who brings you down
Thus began my journey. The best research are usually through friends, people whom you know and can trust.   It's interesting to note how one objective can lead you to another realisation. When I asked my two friends about MP4, they don't have an opinion at all, because both of them don't listen to music that much. They are considered "old friends", but we had lost touch for some time, and only recently we've rekindled our friendships. I noticed how serious and negative they can be (from the way they scrutinise very harshly about things and people) , just from the way they talked which shows how much they "know" about the world. Their negativity shrouds them from becoming a consumer, and rather, they just keep and watch their every penny from spending. Learning should be an engaging and encouraging experience for everyone, despite their ambitions. That is the philosophy I instill in my coaching.

Change your attitude for life in order to get more from life
As for myself, I believe spending is essential. You need to move money around, in order to get money. I can never be like my friends who are certainly very rational and practical in their money sense. To me, that kind of attitude toward life is self-deprecating. Life is never so straightforward and goes according to your perception. Sometimes we can be wrong. And believe me, my so-called friends are very afraid to be wrong. I think they have stopped growing - and stuck at a stage where they are mature. To target at this type of consumer is truly difficult and even pointless, because they are hard to change and stuck in their ways. My Artiste Training Course is certainly NOT right for them, and I wouldn't advise them to join either.

Give business to people who cares
Negativity spreads to sales personnel as well. Since I'm on a hunt for MP4, I went to an Apple dealer at KLCC called "Machines". Such rude attitude! The first time I went in to enquire, I approached the sales person guy. I asked him if there's a monthly installment plan. He said he don't know and asked me to speak to another guy at the counter. My next question was more about the technical specs, and he replied with a question back at me quite rudely as to correct my earlier question, instead of giving me an answer. The second time I visited "Machines", I asked if I could see the Ipod Touch, and this time it's a different sales person, and he replied "We've kept it in store and go ask that guy to show you". What a bunch of lousy sales people! Not even one request from an enquiring customer got an answer. And it seems they focused only the foreign shoppers more compared to the locals who enquired. Hence the double standards practised among the local. 

Price matters not when service and quality are guaranteed
The other Apple seller I visited at Berjaya Times Square fared so much better than "Machines", KLCC. The sales person is a young lady and she was such an informative person. She doesn't give me any airs of superiority. She may not have the good looks and physique of an "perfect sales person", but she's the best one there is. Calm, patient and listen to my questions. If I were to decide to buy an Ipod, guess which shop I will give my business to. Hence, the psychology to spend are very much influenced by the people managing the product, rather than the price per se. Even my Course Counsellors are given strict training because they represent the brand of my Artiste Training Course. I sternly warned them not to show any double standards when counselling potential students. Do not judge anyone based on their looks and backgrounds.

Perfume event roadshow
Quality beats quantity again
Back to comparing the MP4 products, I did went and look around at the market for MP4. I suddenly found myself attracted to the interface of the buttons. I want to give those lower-ranking brands a chance, because you never know what they could offer. But the buttons displayed for the play and other functions are so barely presented. I don't expect it to be sophisticated or complex, but at the same time, I want some ease into pushing the buttons. Finally, the final two brands I've shortlisted is Sony and Apple.`Quickly, I searched the internet and read the reviews on Ipod Classic: Ipod Classic do have tremendous space, but I also read the comments stated where the sound quality actually lacks as compared to Sony. Also Ipod Classic is a hard drive, compared to Sony which is a flash memory. Flash memory is better because of the stability in storing. For more info about flash memory vs hard drive, click here: So the psychology in my mind prefers the quality of the experience rather the quantity of it. Like in my coaching, I always welcome my students back even after they had completed the minimum requirement of classes taken. As long as they get the full learning experience from each session, then I don't mind letting them go. But some do come back and re-take my classes due to the quality of each coaching session which truly reinforces their self-belief in their skill sets, so in the end, they don't mind taking the classes again and again.

Father's Day promo at Harrods
Higher price has its advantages
From this research experience for the best MP4 player, I have finally simplify the basic factor to decide which MP4 player is the best. If I choose the Ipod Classic (or even Ipod Touch) which is a hard drive, I can have the biggest storage space (but who can listen to all the music?) at the lowest ringgit per gig. The downside is the data stored might be unstable due to its mechanical nature. Let's say if I choose the Sony MP4 A-series with 64GB (lower storage space compared, but I pick only the best music I want), it is in a flash memory format which is more durable, longer lasting and able to withstand any jolt, in case I dropped it, my data will still be safe. Of course the downside is - it costs more. Like I always advised my course counsellors, always communicate value to our student talents. 

What to know which MP4 player I bought? Wait for the next entry. You'll be surprised...