Sunday, May 20, 2012

Best, Most Tummy-Satisfying Instant Noodles (Mee Goreng) for the budget-conscious Artiste who wants the extra kick in their meal - this review promise to save you time & money

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Instant noodles for the rainy seasons (and budget-conscious artistes who need a filling meal)
It's the rainy season and so many people love to cook instant noodles, especially Malaysians. It must be due to the extreme hot and sudden cold, that plunges our stomachs into uncertain depths, where it just keeps growling for food. So instant noodles seem to be the best solution, whenever a rainy weather comes suddenly, for it's easiest to cook. Like everyone else, I love instant noodles. For this entry, I will specifically focus on the more niche category of the instant noodle - the mee goreng section (fried noodles). I've compiled a list of instant noodles I've tasted, with the hope that it'll provide a guide for future consumers to select which mee goreng best suited their individual palates.  Instant noodles are also the budget way for artistes too who needs a good meal to keep them through the day. Hopefully this entry will help you determine the best mi-goreng best suited to you, and not causing you to buy every brand in the market, thus saving your money and time. In determining the best instant noodles (mi goreng category), I've personally selected these 3 criterias: ingredients, content size and taste.

Mie Goreng Indonesia (Mamee) - for thick gravy
The ingredients provided in this instant noodle is quite many: seasoning powder, seasoning oil, sweet soy sauce, chilli sauce and fried onions. After I've cooked the noodles, I tried mixing it with the ingredients and it took me some time to actually mixing it well. Make sure you do take the time in mixing in the ingredients into the noodles, to actually make it an orangey pasty sauce. The content of the noodles are quite standard, hence it will take you time to mixing it. The taste for me is very mellow, with some sweet undertones, which I find it similar to the rojak sauce I've tasted before. It will be wise to add some fresh tomatoes to offset the sweetness, like what I did, together with an omelette. The portions are filling enough to serve as dinner in a rainy evening. The yellow-ish gravy at the side comes to place, with the extra oil I've put into frying my omelette. Don't discard the extra oil off, for it's good for the mixing into the ingredients to turn into extra gravy.

Mi-Poh Goreng (Myojo) - for the mild & unique
This one I love for its curly and thicker noodle. It looks very much like the Italian pasta. The ingredients provided are not much, only 2 packets: seasoning powder and flavoured oil. I love the simplicity of it, for after boiling the noodles (or mi-poh), I can mix very easily with the ingredients and doesn't consume much time. Of course the noodles is the selling point, because it's different from other instant noodles for the word "poh" means actually claypot, so it feels like you're eating  the noodles made from claypot. The portions of the noodle is quite hefty, so it can really be satisfying to eat. Of course, to make my instant noodles healthier, I always mix it with tomatoes and an omelette.

Mi Sedap (Wings Food) - for the aftertaste
This mi goreng has an additional flavour advertised on the cover of its packet - sambal udang sauce. It's not overtly spicy when mixed together with the other ingredients, which consist of : dried onions, sweet soy sauce, fried chili sauce, flavoring and oil.  The portions of this mee is medium, not as much as compared to others. The taste is not too spicy either, and not too strong, which is suitable for those who likes a mild mee goreng, with some crunch in the taste. It leaves a very strong after-taste after I'm done eating.

Mi Goreng (Adabi) - for the fuss-free
The interesting thing about this mi goreng is it only has 1 ingredient packet, which consist of a pasty dark red that combines the cooking oil, chilli, soy sauce, sugar, garlic, onions, spices and even vegetables. The funny thing is, I don't see any greens. Hmm, could there be a mistake in describing the ingredient. This mi goreng is ideal for those who are lazy to use the scissors and cut open each of the ingredient packet. Just one packet to  do all. Personally for me, it makes more sense to a consumer who values plenty of ingredients. But then, one cannot judge to fast. One has to taste the end product. The noodles look very colored, due to the thick paste. The taste is slightly more spicy and stronger taste.

Koka - for health conscious vegetarian
This noodle has the biggest portion, if I'm not wrong. And there's a healthy benefit to it too - no MSG. I suppose that's why I find the taste rather unexciting as compared to other noodle brands. The taste is very straightforward. The content is big enough to fill in the hungry.  I could see the greens mixed in the ingredients, though it's only 1 packet separated in 2 satchets. This brand is actually for vegetarians.

Mi Goreng (Ibumie) - for Super Spicy Hot
The portion of the noodle is medium. But there are plenty of ingredients to make the noodles flavorful and spicy! It comes with seasoning powder, sauce, oil and chilli sauce. After it's boiled, put the noodles simmer with the ingredients and let it be. Even the smell already makes me sweat. This noodle is best for those who loves the extra kick.

And now the winner, my personal favourite - Har Mee (Mi Goreng)
Everything about this brand is simply balance. The taste is 3 fold - not too spicy, flavourful with a tinge of prawn taste at the top. The content size of the noodles is not too large and not too small - just enough to fill in a weight-conscious soul like myself . The ingredients provided are all good enough to mix and make the noodles delicious and satisfying.

There you have it! You don't have to do all the hard work, I just did it for you guys! Imagine a week of non-stop noodles for dinner, just for the sake of keeping everyone here in the know. I can feel for those budget-conscious artistes (I've been there), especially those who really are passionate in pursuing their goals, but haven't achieve it yet - instant noodles is a way to survive cheaply. But for those who aren't struggling, instant noodles can also be whipped into a delicious meal by incorporating some tomatoes and eggs or even with sardine and salmon to make your meal that extra special. Instant noodles can be a flexible meal to suit whatever you love to do with it. Much like our Artiste Training Course that is suitable for everyone, regardless of their age, race and interest level on the subject. Happy eating!