Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Spring/Summer Window Display @ KLCC - Let the frenzy of elements cool your mind away.

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Even hotel rooms are plastering spring/summer
Spring and Summer is finally here. Everywhere I went, motifs of flowers and leaves are seen everywhere. Like the picture you see me leaning against the wall. It was actually in a hotel room. And I find it interestingly beautiful to have. Of course in Malaysia, we don't have such a season, but we can certainly enjoy "summer", since it's a season we have all year round! Shouldn't we be thankful for this hot weather? We don't have to buy so much clothing to cover up, wear little clothes (or none at all). For this thankfulness, I put myself as the first on display...

Of woods and leaves
Recently I took a walk around KLCC and found many interesting window displays. Notice the display next to you here, a wall of sprigly leaves with a giant balk of wood in the foreground. I believe the balk of wood is used as a mirror effect on the poster beside it which displays a pair of legs. Notice the products are everywhere within this display, especially at the floor. I think this could be unbalance, for the eyes when first seeing this display might not look down right a way. If the products were the main idea, it could be placed slightly higher above the eyeline. It's like a model or actor facing the camera, I always coached my students in my ARTISTE TRAINING COURSE to look in the eyeline, differing at various degrees to convey different types of emotions and meanings. For course details, enquire via email:

Audience-friendly catwalk runway stage
It was a Friday, and I came across a magnificent runway stage. Instead of being elongated towards the front of the stage, it goes horizontally from the sides (left and right), forming a semblance of zig-zag. I think this stage was designed very well, for it gives the audience from sides and the front, a complete view of the clothes being modelled. Of course, the models also walked very slowly, so the passing shoppers can see each piece. At times, I wished it could be faster and the music more uptempo, for there were moments where it becomes a bit boring. But kudos to the well-designed runway stage.

Green and Blue Moss for the Men
So back to the window displays. Sometimes simplicity does work. Just add a touch of colour. Especially for men's clothing, you can't add much flowers or colours for it may not give the image of masculinity. But it really depends on the tastes, some men do love brighter colours and even flowers. But for this window display, I notice a very sturdy, strong feel to its background, which mainly consists blocks of stones, sprinkled with some moss-like material of green and blue. These elements are there to give the feeling of spring/summer but with a feel of masculinity.

Flowers and Pink Skies for the Girls
Undertoning with colours of spring - bright yellows, dotty reds, extremely light purples, blues and beige. The colors for this display is very underplayed and not shouting at your face. Very much down the radar, but notice the sunflowers as the only "shout" element to get a hold of shoppers' attention. The word "Pink Skies" is actually the theme of the window display? But if I were a shopper, I didn't notice much of any skies in the background. A bit out of sync here to make this window display truly cohesive. Only saving factor- the dramatic placement of the mannequins which give various model poses.

Minimalist Modern
Now, I wouldn't place this window display as very spring/summer. It is quite surprising for this store not to follow into the whole mood of spring/summer, but instead retain its image of minimalist modern. The mannequins have very distinct hairstyle, featuring a skirt, pants and khakis. Love the central element in the display - a kind of wooden wedge that gives the shape of an oval ear. The long hose at the right side acts as a form of hanger for the bag. Interesting, but not thematic.

Cold clothes in a hot oven
It's like taking a walk in the beach and being greeted by the waving palm trees. The background of this display is hot and sunny, take a notice at the degree of temperature, just from looking at it. I feel hot! And the male mannequin is wearing a blue jacket! least the other cross-legged lady mannequin have the sense to tie up her shirt in a knot right above her belly to give let go some steam. The floor of the display is yellow, further heating up the atmosphere. Even my feet feels hot! Hey, where's the sunglasses? No sandals? Yikes, I feel the mannequins must be shouting inside "Let me out of these clothes please!" I applaud the idea of making the tree leaves into a shape - a semblance of the sun. But the atmosphere is hot, the clothes not condusive to the heat.

The poster is the display
Contrary to the previous display where the clothes are somewhat not that condusive to the heat, this display have the right clothes for the heat. The clothes have the Miami-feel to it, light, white, dark blue jersey. Shorts for the boys, and light pants for the men. The girls are wearing open neck dresses, that shows off the arms. This display doesn't use any props or mannequins. The poster is the central idea. I believe it is also part of the print advertisement.

Pink Petals and Poster
For this display, its a combination of poster in the background and flowery petals in the foreground. Right inside the glass, is the product displayed. The product is very specific - mainly only handbags. But you get the mood of spring in this piece.

And this summer winner is...
And lastly,  I love this display, for it uses each element and combine it to give the feeling of a place. What place is it do I mean? Different people may have different interpretation. For me, I feel like I am at a tropical dock - waiting for my boat. I love the shadow of the palm tree falling at the background. The rope barrel that serves as a platform for product display. The few wooden bark at the side. It really does feel like I'm at a familiar place. Summer theme? Yes. And it's a very familiar summer feel to it. That's what makes it special - making use of every element within the display to conjure up a place and destination - so familiar, you didn't notice they were actually selling the bags to you. I think the colour brown is used throughout all the elements - rendering the product seamless within this display. Well done.