Monday, March 21, 2011

Malaysian 2011 "Mega Structures" Hits & Misses - Some you just want to poke your eyes out

City folks unfriendly? Who cares?
2011 is indeed a very special year. For a normal pedestrian like myself, I'm out in the public often and get to see the changes happening around. Because to me, I am very aware of the physical world surrounding myself, what's more being in the city. City life, people say can be lonely, and it's true in some respects. Everybody is too busy and full of themselves. For an example, a friend text message me to go to a movie, it was pretty last minute and I replied bidding him to go on without me. After a few hours, as courtesy, I text message him again and asked about the movie. No reply. He's probably angry or too smug of himself to reply a courtesy. Oh well, a lot of people lost their courtesy these days.

New bridge that connects station to post office
Unworthy humans. Only buildings, worthy.
But city life is not that bad, as some of my friends may profess. There are buildings and people around us. Especially this year, I get to see some interesting structures building up. For this one next to Pavillion, has the strange aluminium multi-hexagonic shape to it. Really eye-catching, and gives the impression of world-class. Further along and you'll see the new Yes (a telcos brand) promotional block of advertising. Eye-catching too.

Next stop: Central Market
I love taking the LRT, and the spot where the most developments happening this year must be the Central Market station. The first thing you'll notice after coming out the station is the bridge connecting directly to the Pos Malaysia office headquarter. It's convenient for people working in the area or folks like myself who needs to go buy stamps.

Giant "Wau" to welcome visitors
Of course, for people stopping at this station, you must visit Central Market. And there it is: the magnificent "Wau" arch entrance to welcome guests into the corridor, where there's all types of stores selling trinkets and touristy stuff we locals will never actually buy..tsk,tsk. But all the stalls look unique (and uniform) with its "rumah papan" (wooden house) concept. I also love the row of green pots that separates the carpark from the walkway into the corridor. Adds the much needed greenery to the atmosphere. I remember back in 2000, Central Market is quite worn out, and filled with street musicians and dancers and dodgy medicine man selling their lotions that extends, prolong or enhance the male genitals. Where are they now?

Where are the dodgy street traders & musicians? I miss them.

Petty traders & buskers, where art thou?
With all this new deco, I'm sure the authorities have shoo-ed them away from their trade. But they are the people back then that brings much life to the streets and I will just sit there on the walkway and watch them parading and shouting about their tricks. Pedestrians will crowd around these petty trade peddlers, listening to their words like a sermon in a church. Some would volunteer themselves to be experimented upon with their various snake oils and lotions. The area was filled with smoke and incense, making me feel carried away sometimes in their delusions of wonder and empowerment. I was very young back then, and easily swayed. disillusioned by all street nonsense. Maybe it was the loneliness that makes me give up myself to the whole wave of hoo-ha, but hey, it was fun - letting yourself go in the midst of activities.

Future hotel in construction
So walk back to the entrance and you'll see this giant building newly erected. It's going to be a hotel, but the building looks so similar to another building I saw before, where it was a newspaper building. I love the angle of the structure that has a nose in the end. Along the road, there's this huge drain, many mistaken it as the river. I notice some people even fish in the drain! On the walls of the banks, you'll see all kinds of graffiti art.

Covered from point A to Z
Sheltered walkway

Beside this huge drain, a newly hovered walkway roof is built for pedestrians (and now beggars) to sit and relax. I love the roof along it, for it extends all the way to the LRT station. Very useful during rainy times, for those without umbrellas. The LRT train rail hovers above the main road, which leads right into the tunnel. In between these 2 crossways, there's an opening, when during rain, a lot of water comes down onto the main pedestrian crossway. Now, there's a covering right on the top. But I wonder, what happens when the drain beside the walkway overflows with water and flooded it? Let's hope that day never happens....
Thoughtful top covering to protect pedestrians from rain

Here comes the sores, poke my eyes!
Take the train and go a bit further towards PJ, and one station later, I notice this giant stick of a structure that looks most peculiar. Any structure, in my opinion must serve some purpose, be it for branding purpose or serve as a landmark for the crowd to identify a specific area. But this one! I am not the sort that likes to belittle a work of art, but truly it hits me as something amiss. KL Sentral is such a huge place. It's like a thorn among the roses. Another "interesting" structure will greet you when you reach the Amcorp Mall station. To me, it looks like a geometric design derived from the beehive. The way the hexagon panels "clutches" the carpark building, seem to suggest it is invading the poor building, and serve to be a parasite.

Some final words - it's not all that bad...
Poke my eyes, please...
The beehive has invaded
So finally, it's not all that bad living in the city. Enough of those half-hearted "friends" who text message you in the pretense of asking you out for a movie, but with no courtesy to accept a "no" gracefully. You have all these "mega-structures" to cheer you up! So open your eyes and see the world around you. A good artiste is very aware of the world he/she lives in. Don't be a scared frog and live under the husk. Who cares if the city folks are unfriendly? At least we have new buildings popping up like mushrooms where we can sit on for us to critique....