Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Curious Encounter Between the Courageous Red Trunks Merman & the Evil Four-Eyes Sea Snake

Pretty Merman 
Horny Sea Snake

The pool where the snake lurks
So I was in the pool, swimming innocently like a child, unabashed, undisturbed by the world outside, just like a little merman doing my laps in the afternoons. Suddenly one older man swam next to me like a sea snake and hissed the way I swim is wrong and needs to move my belly sideways so I don't have to come up and gasp for air. What's all this instruction and order? In the first place, I don't even know this guy, and when I stopped to rest, there he was making his attempt to speak to me. Excuse me, wrong tone, mister. I don't know you, probably you're trying to "cruise" me, but your attempt is a turn-off. Then quickly, I went to the changing room, and there he was following from behind. When I was stark naked in the shower, he sneakily slided pass to see what I was doing. Gives me the have him staring at my wet bubble butt. Move away, you discontented snake! Didn't you have enough already?

Watch where you swing those bags, you *@$%!
Swing, swing, make it ouch!
Another incident is the way Malaysians, show their discontent in public. There were a few times in the LRT, when people will just rush and push each other, especially the ladies with their giant bags, and groceries after the day's shopping at Kamdar, Mydin or wherever, without regard of other people and just bang the bags over everyone next to her. Come on, no eyes? And to think there's going to be a train specially dedicated for the ladies, hey, the men are also in the danger of being harmed by ladies' shopping bags too! Where's the protection for the men, or more specifically a chinese guy like myself? The sides of the plastic bags are very sharp! And inconsiderately they swing their bags that way and this, not thinking it cut on other people's bare legs and arms.

New outside, same old inside
Why do I sense so much discontent among Malaysians? Look at them, walking in groups of specific races, no mixture of the utopian 1Malaysia. Malays talk among themselves, chatting so happily and relax. The Chinese mostly in the office clothes will talk about business, usually 2 or 3 in a group. No mixture of races when you watch them at coffee shops during lunch hour. Sour and serious faces plastered among the sitting and standing crowds in the train, being surrounded by so many new deco already to herald in 2020, but our internal self still trapped in the old ways. I know Malaysians want to change. But they are hindered, tied to, fearful of being looked down, frowned by others if they were to truly articulate how they feel. Where's the courage? So we keep it inside, put on weak smile (or frown) and just tidak apa-la (don't care).

Cannot say "Transgender, bi etc..."
Final order: we are all straight full stop
The radio station recently banned the words "transgender, bi, lesbian, gay" in the infamous Lady Gaga's single "Born This Way" from being aired. Not enough our TV dramas/films must contain the usual prim, proper, cookie-cutter good versus bad, end with a moral lesson plot for us to watch, now its even restricting what we hear! I'm a young man, and beginning to question why there's so much sheltering us from the so-called "bad influences"? Are Malaysians not mature enough to accept all these? Or maybe somebody up there wants us to remain in our small cocoon minds, forever without the reach for higher thoughts and reasoning, making us unable to form our own minds and instead follow the censored versions of our lives.

Where's my contemplate?
No wonder so many people are depressed and sad. Unhappy over their work. I was in the smoky cybercafe today, and this Chinese man was shouting vulgar Hokkien words (Kan-ne-ne, lanciau) .... at the computer screen! So much anger within him, and the only outlet for his deep seated anger is through his games on the Internet. Really you cannot blame his hyper-anger, for there seems to be no honesty in the media today to reflect and help him contemplate the way this Chinese man is feeling deep inside! Hopelessness and deep-wrought negativity already entangled our minds, tight-twisted by the need to uphold traditions and religion. So many people are lazy already, for they know there's no point making a change, take the effort to question the status quo. Subconsciously at a deeper level, we are all chided to follow the code. Like Neo in The Matrix encountering the choice of the blue or red pill? Here, we don't have that choice.

Choose a colour
Like the sea snake who only likes to preach and give orders about the correct way to swim to the merman - we cannot question one. Must take it seriously. It's my race, my religion. Respect that. Then it is SATUmalaysia. Come on, my Malay neighbors next door don't even give a hoot. Our very system (from education right to employment) has make us afraid to take a good look at ourselves, and be honest of what we truly want - liberation from fears of all kinds. Instead, we are advised to take the more censored views of ourselves and the world around us, to the point that we puke at our own fakeness, and forced to eat it as well. Enough, man! Just give me the red pill!