Saturday, March 12, 2011

Blank Screen on my Notebook - Time Out, followers!

Too much stress can cause burn-out
Must be stressing my little notebook too hard. It is known that leaving it up and running too long can cause it to heat up and spoil the internal motherboard. And it happened one night. The screen suddenly went blank. Thought it might be the connection to the power. But everything was intact. Try pushing the power button on and off a few times. Confirmed! This notebook is not going back up.

No business for neighborhood
So went to the neighborhood  IT centre, and they charge up to RM450 to replace the motherboard, with reasonable doubt that it might occur again. Think again, for that price, might as well buy a totally new notebook. Finally decided to take it back to Low Yat Plaza, where it was first purchased. Thought I could give some business to my neighborhood, but seems like they are over-charging. What's more, they even charged me RM30 for the inspection. Good enough, thank you.

The level of customer service is so - blah!
First contact with the customer service officer, the price stated was RM250. Wow, that's very reasonable, say compared to the last. Of course after a week, still no news from them, so I called him up from the business card given. No answers, except a text message stating that the motherboard needs to be replaced. Heck, I know that already. And the price went up to RM350. I replied with an OK, and have to wait for 2 more weeks.

Blank screen equals blank mind
Finally, have some time to clear my mind up. The absence of my notebook in front of me, at first, makes me feel weird, and amiss. But my mind slowly becomes more focused, at the things I do. Usually I will multi-task: watch TV, surf online via netbook, eat, read, answer my calls. Now, my mind is clear, and it also forces me out to the public cybercafes (like now, as I post this entry).

Some physical outdoor-sy activity, finally
It's fun actually, to be out in the public. Get to do some walking, breathe the fresh night air, with groups of teens and young adults beside me engrossed with their online games. Being connected online is one thing, being in a group of people physically is another...much much better thing. But of course they were all engrossed in their own things. Hearing their constant jeering and cheering in the cybercafe really puts my need to focus, again.

Turn off the computer to get some perspective in life
As always, with every "negative" thing that happens, there's always a positive. Perception is key. I am really learning to adjust my perception. What's more being quite "public" figure, there are bound to be some parties who would misunderstood our actions, and demand certain actions from us to rectify their "losses", which we didn't even do anything in the first place! to have a proper perspective of life. If I did no wrong, then I need not proceed with the actions demanded. Perception is cleared! Thank goodness my netbook went blank. Keeps my mind all cleared up and buck up my ability to focus more clearly on this demanding artiste life.