Saturday, January 15, 2011

A showcase of my past press interviews articles & write-ups - press interview tips on how to impress

When facing media, have a cheerful, calm disposition
In my last coaching session with the fashion students, the module was "How to Prep for the Spotlight". It's wonderful to see how every student behaved and responded to the interview questions set by their counterparts. Of course, many were not prepared to answer the questions set forth in a graceful manner. A lot of the questions given by the students were very simple, which I assume it would be easier for them to answer. But not all were able to answer the questions.

The spotlight is not everything, but extremely essential in the beginning
As an artiste who was interviewed by the media before, I hope to impart some tips in handling the press. Depending on what industry you come from, I always see the similarities between an actor and a fashion designer - both are often put in the spotlight, and their works are seen in the public. But in my opinion, an aspiring fashion designer needs to work harder in getting press interviews on their clothes, on top of their work in crafting the pieces, compares to an actor whose work is showcased immediately on screen.

Caught by the paparazzi in an awkward moment
Use media to establish your name and your work
Publicity is important for any new artiste and fashion designers too, because until your name is printed on the media, you are still considered a non-artiste. Until your name is published in the media, be it press or on TV, you are still an unknown. I always believe in the concept of synergy. Like in my teaching the fashion college, I get to share my knowledge and at the same time, hopefully, bring up the works of some of the talented fashion designers in that school. My assignment for them this time, is to write a press release. For an example of a good press release, kindly click here:

Media report on my lifestyle - true or false? 

Any publicity is good publicity when you're new
In my past coaching practices, I am used to helping other actors. Now, I get to see how I can help aspiring fashion designers. One of the rewards I told my students is their well-written press release will get a mention in my blog. And if they also designed a creation, I might even publish an entry about their creation. The greatest outcome for any aspiring fashion designers is publicity, which is the most valuable commodity any new aspiring artistes can ask for. But a precaution: once got it, best to pursue your focus back on your craft. Because the press can be a double-edged sword. I was once photographed by the paparazzi in an embarassing position.

Seek publicity only as a way to get jobs
Here's where a lot of artistes and even the whole entertainment industry got misled. Sometimes publicity is not what makes an artiste. The quality of your work is truly what makes you an artiste. Publicity only help early in one's career, but it is not all of one's career. In the early stage of my career as an artiste, the reporters can only report much of my social activities, because I have not made any films yet. But they sense my talent early on and what I am able to achieve. Truth be told, I'm currently one of the few actors who made a respectable body of works which encompasses many types of acting genres.

Telling the world I'm back on my feet
Give the media what it wants - briefly, objectively
Then when I've starred in a few Malay local series, the reporters then have some materials they can work on. Like what I told my students, they need to have some newsworthy material even before they write their press releases. (components in a press release are: Headline, Body Copy, the 5 Ws and 1 H) To get these newsworthy material requires hard work as well. I need to audition for all the roles I got in the past. But some fame to back you up certainly helps. Like for this article on the left, it shows I am up for bigger challenges, ready to fight my way all to the top. If you're in the artiste world for the fame and publicity game, then you'll need to do whatever you can while you're "hot". Take anything the industry dish out for you. But not me. Rather, I tried my best to select the roles where it expands my portfolio as an actor, and that is very important for a good and serious actor to continue working, if not in Malaysia, then overseas.

The work never ends for a serious artiste

Always stay humble when being interviewed
Some artistes think they are successful already having their faces splashed across papers and magazines. But everything in life has its seasons. Being in the entertainment industry actually has a lot to do with yourself. Knowing yourself first is important because everything about you is magnified during any press interview. Keeping a level head and clear on why you give the interview is very important. Journalists are watching and judging you too. During my coaching, I can immediately tell whether the student has the potential simply from his/her attitude towards learning in my Artiste Training Course. So having a good attitude is very important (and difficult too).

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