Sunday, December 19, 2010

The last thing to buy before the year ends & the first tool you'll need to become a successful artiste

A stack of diaries over the years
The year 2010 is coming to an end in less than 2 weeks. Many of us had already got our presents for our loved ones for Christmas. But for some of us, there remains one more item that is THE most important tool to ensure the success of any aspiring artiste. Which tool do I mean?

What is a diary?
A diary is basically a day to day journal where you can jot whatever notes and appointments you plan to have on any particular day of the year. Even before I became a working artiste, I already have a diary to keep me on my toes on what I should do for any particular day.

Why does an artiste needs a diary?
As they say, time is money. We all get older, whether we like it or not. The life of an artiste is even more important, because your looks change overtime. A diary truly helps me to discipline myself to fill up the pages. If you're starting out to become an artiste, a diary will make sure you take action to find auditions or appointments to meet with certain production companies or casting agencies. The key word here is DISCIPLINE. Aspiring artistes really need to discipline themselves to keep track of their day-to-day activities, so they may arrive at the desired stage of their journey as an artiste.

Many bookshops in KL
Where to buy a diary?
There are many places you can get a diary. There are many bookstores around KL like Pustaka Minerva and Pustaka Mukmin which offers a range of affordable diaries. Their diaries prices range from RM6 to RM20. In more higher prices range, you can always go to Kinokuniya at KLCC. The prices there range from RM7 up to RM70.

Diaries galore
How to choose a diary
Depending the sort of person you are, you can find many types of diaries  to suit your preference. Basically, there are 3 criteria to look for when deciding to purchase a diary.

1) Colour Coordination
Many people choose colours that are safe - like black or brown. My advice is to look for colours that goes opposite to where you place it, for example your bag or purse. If your bag has a black colour in its interior skin, then choose a bright colored diary cover like red or orange. The reason is because you may then able to search for your diary in an instant. Remember your bag may contain many other items like your clothes or papers and other miscellaneous stuff you keep in it. An opposite color diary to your bag's interior is key in helping you spot and grab your diary immediately when you need to jot down an important date instantly.

2) Size
When you're out looking for a diary, choose a medium-sized diary, preferably as big as the palm of your hand. If you go for diary that is smaller than that, then you might have trouble writing important notes and dates on the pages. Now, be cautious of diary size that is bigger than the size of your hand, because then the weight might discourage you from carrying it with you all the time. A diary should be a tool you carry with you everyday, at all times. So make sure the size is appropriate to your suitability when travel.

Just enough features per page
3) Pagination Features
Personally for me, I prefer to have a page dedicated to a day, as opposed to 2 days squeezed into a page. Because you'll never know you might have a lot of things to take note in that particular day, so a full page per day is advisable. The other pagination feature you should look for is how easy for you to turn to a particular date or month, if you have advance appointments you wish to record. Look for coloured bookmarks for each month. Again this is a matter of personal preference.

Get a diary to get ahead
With all these pointers to keep in mind, it's really time you go out and get yourself a diary. Don't wait until the month comes to an end, because by then, the selection of diaries may be limited, and you're forced to get the one you may not like. Hopefully when you purchased the one that suited you best, you will then be able to start jotting down all the important dates and appointments. A diary is best to keep you motivated to plan ahead first. It's also a record you can look back to evaluate your progress for that particular year after it ended. I wish all my followers here many successes in the coming 2011 endeavors and may your diary be filled up with all the exciting dates and auditions to help you achieve your dream in becoming an artiste! Be sure to make a date to enrol in our Artiste Training Course (1-on-1 coaching). Through this course, you'll be able to:
* PLAN ahead more efficiently, PRIORITIZE appointments accordingly and learn TIME MANAGEMENT skills. Besides that,
* you'll also be trained in managing callbacks from agents,
* do follow-up calls the professional way (PRESENTATION & VOICE TRAINING) and
* setting up meetings so you'll get more audition invitations in the future.
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