Monday, December 13, 2010

It's the festival of lights, and it's not even Deepavali. It's Christmas! A study of window display and the effectiveness in its presentation styles.

Large Christmas tree at Fahrenheit
It's that time of the year again. My senses are being bombarded uncontrollably by these huge "balls of lights" flashing at me endlessly. No, we're not at a club or disco. Just stroll around Kuala Lumpur, and you'll be wrapped in the aura of so much eye-catching displays. Some displays are just plain old recycled concept that is the same year in, year out. But there are quite a number of new interesting displays which caught my attention immediately! Here I would like to share with my followers all these beautiful window dressings, some tries harder, others simply hit it with a bullseye.

Giant grand tree made of glass and music 
Fahrenheit is a new fashion mall. They've just opened this year with Uniqlo as the main tenant. I saw their huge billboard advertising their Japan imported jeans at only RM49.90. The giant Christmas tree display is all glass crystalline, with tinges of blue and silver. Notice the arch gate that resembles the musical notes you'll see on any music sheets. Quite a good effort for this new mall's first Christmas display.

Notice the many sharp points, good or bad?
Hard and steely, sharp and poking (ouch...)
Next, we visit the array of fashion retail stores at The Pavillion. For this display, the use of silvery cube in the triangular shape to resemble a christmas tree is quite unique. It lends the air of simplicity, but personally to me, it's a bit heavy in its overall feel. The reflections on the cone-shape Christmas tree doesn't infuse any merriment but seek to simply fill in the spaces between the mannequins. The colours black and grey are dominant in this display with tinges of blue, yellow and maroon. Not much colour choice in terms of clothes but this is Christmas, and we want merriment don't we? The good thing about this display is its strong shape.

I see STARS....but not so much the clothes

Too much explosion that drowns?
Moving forward and I see some pretty fiery colours. The background for this dressing is more focused in the explosion-like star-shaped diamond to resemble the christmas star. Does the background enhance the clothes on display? Tricky here, looking from afar, the clothes seem to "drown" in the extreme intensity of the background images. Perhaps the noise level from the background should go down a few volume. Still a good effort in voicing the display theme.

Lots of element to solidify a Christmas fantasy (Part 1)

Christmas Fantasy - a strong voice at last...
Finally, I've found one of the best displays yet in actually having a voice. The rich details of this piece of display work is highly commendable. You can see the half-moon and feel the snowy floor. The crystalline branches which extends to infuse the feeling of a cold forest. Whimsical ballerina dresses and the clothes are almost dream-like. The mannequins play the part of the prince and princess. You can almost "see" a story in here. The juxtaposition and placement of clothes (which is the only product they should be selling) with the display elements are inventive and thoughtful.
Enchanting background that barely matches the clothes

This display is from the same store. Notice the unicorn and swan. I suppose the theme for this dressing is Christmas Fantasy. The only element "out-of-sorts" from this display is the mannequin's clothes. How I wish the clothes were more "richer" in details to compliment the background theme, which in itself already conveys so much fantasy, you wish the clothes were more "exciting" and as rich as the background elements. At some instances, the background element such as the swan took my attention, and I totally forgot about the clothes.

Pump up the greeting, centralize the product
For this display, the glass itself is the decoration piece. I assume they know the importance to showcase the clothes more than the elements, as opposed to letting the elements dominate the whole idea. Here, you get to see the clothes, and not so much the idea of "christmas" which is everywhere. No doubt there are words plastered across the glass, but its function more as a general greeting. The clothes still remain the central idea.

Luxurious and simple
Some displays don't even showcase the clothes! The concept itself is being highlighted. Much like this fashion brand here. The black background accentuates the gold frames, where each has a specific key chain of sorts. This display is extremely eye-catching, and the feelings of luxury and light playfulness are evoked, This luxury fashion brand again strengthens its position and further magnifies its aura of simple yet effective communication of exclusivity and sophistication. Lovely to watch, but not many wallets can accommodate.

Sell the clothes, soften the "noise"
And finally, you have a display where the background truly accentuates the clothes they are selling. This is one of the only display I discovered with the most varied colors on the clothes they sell. The background is kept to just enough to bring out the colors. (notice the hanging stringed background as opposed to the giant fully covered ups) They're smart enough to make the background "boring" - the colors being mainly black and white. An effective window display in attracting buyers to the clothes. In terms of speaking what the fashion brand is about, other displays previously mentioned has done a much better job than this one.