Thursday, November 11, 2010

How to review the year ending and be more giving

Some gifts I'm sending to my friends
Getting vs Giving
Everytime when the year draws closer to an end, most of us might review the past year to see what we have achieved or gained. Well, I am beginning to feel this sort of year end review is misleading. Maybe we're living in a selfish, the "I" world too much, could be time we change the perspective. Often, we like to say this year I have starred in this and this commercial, or won so-and-so award or married this-and-this rich person.

No matter how much one had achieved, there's always more to want. This year has really taught me to be balance. Why do we always think of how much we get instead of how much we can GIVE? I think that's the true gold measure for one to review the year ending - how much one has given back. One tip when reviewing the year, don't compare yourself with others. Reviewing the year should inspire you to be more energetic in pursuing whatever your goals maybe, hopefully in giving. News flash: we had recently launched a counselling program for adults from abused childhood.

Sharing session in Artiste Training Course
Sharing leads to Enlightenment
Giving can be more than just monetary terms. I for one, loves to listen to my students when they shared some of their experiences (successes or failures, they're all the same!) and just be there to offer some advice when they asked for it. And when I'm outside and saw a blind person finding his way around, I reached out to him and led the way. And when someone asked me for directions, I always seek to be honest and not to pretend as if I know the direction.

Being thankful even for the things you lose
Little little things like these truly fills my mind this time, when reviewing the year 2010. Yes, I lost some stuff (and one acting opportunity) due to some uncontrollable factors. My stuff was also stolen and it made me emotional about the loss. At the end, I really learned to be detached about the material, and cherish what I have. Not an easy feat, for now I still do yearn back the stuff I once owned. But hey, I can always buy them back again, this time even better than the previous one, how about that? Also cherish the commercial I main starred in. Thankfulness can be empowering.

The little, little things
So giving is the theme playing in my head. I know there's more ways I can give back. Not all of us have tons of money, but we can still give back in our own way. A listening ear. An honest answer. A smile. Hopefully, next year will be an even better year to open up my mind in discovering ways for giving, and you do too. So what you wanting for? Giving can be fun too. Remember what you give back will always return to you. Happy Giving!