Sunday, November 21, 2010

All aspiring artistes should visit more art galleries.

Front page brochure for Galeri Petronas
I was approached recently to buy an artwork. The art gallery at The Pavillion currently showcases works by a few overseas artists from Mexico and China. The piece by Coplu costs around RM25,000. I always admire artists that specialises in pantings and sculptures. I regard them as artists too, maybe even higher than mere actors, singers and models. To me, this category of artists really puts their mind and hearts out in the open.

Quality demands high price
Of course there are artists who are struggling. But painters and sculptors struggle too, but get to sell their work at high prices. If they manage to sell even one piece of their work, they could live on the salary for a few months at least. One needs to truly appreciate art in order to see the value. Looking at Coplu's paintings, it gives a feeling of whimsicality and light-heartedness that is perfect for the living room or bedroom.

It takes time to  grow
The lesson one can learn from being an artiste is to slow down their pace and take the time to smell the flowers. All great artistes do that. That's where they get to rest their busy minds and start to piece together their thoughts. I was at the Petronas Gallery at Level 3, KLCC one Sunday evening. The theme is "I SEEK(U) YOU" featuring the works of Chan Kok Hooi. Mr.Chan's works, to me, has a layer of morbidity to it, which is real and reflects the times we live in. Take note especially his work titles "Habitual Scenery" and "Careless Whisper".

Back side of the brochure
Open your eyes and mind
There were many other local paintings on display too, like Jeganathan Ramachandram's "One Tree = 40 life forms". I was captivated by the scale of the painting which depicts a tree with brain-like matters that acts like extensions from the tree. Its colourful and spiritual. Another painting that caught my eye was Raphael Scott Ahbeng's "Energy " series. The very texture and flow of its colours truly electrifies my eyes. Datuk Syed Ahmad Jamal's "Langit dan Bumi" (Heaven and Earth) deserves a mention too, except I wish it has more defined textures to separate the heaven and earth, for at times the elements in between just becomes too mixed. Simpler artworks like Kuo Ju Ping's "Builders at Work" and Loh Ek Sem's "Sawah Padi" (Paddy Fields) brings this art observer back to the beauty of hardworking everyday folks.

Art galleries is also a great space for artistes to view and form their own personal perspectives of the world. Actors, film directors, writers: all should go to art galleries to get inspired too. It's also a place where our Artiste Training Course seek to encourage students to go. Besides, entrance is free.