Saturday, October 2, 2010

Why Everyone Should Learn Some Star Qualities

Harmony - reality or illusion?
One incident inspired me to write this entry. Lately, I got an invitation for a free trial membership for a gym club. I was suspicious very early on because the gym consultant told me that I should bring my own key and padlock for my locker. Huh? When I met her I asked "Are the gym members there rough and rowdy?" She said no.

Usually in a social area like a gym, you get to observe people. Most of the members expect to be looked at, maybe due to their own self-obsessed image of their bodies being very good (which I don't care to look except at myself). I was a gym member for 2 years before so I know the type of people. I went to the weight machine and discovered I'm over 5kg from what I previously thought my actual weight was!

My earlier question to the gym consultant was validated because on my second day, one of the members shouted madly at one of the staff, creating a high-octane scene at the main exercise area. She shouted words like penis, touching, stupid etc. To my horror, I stopped my weight training and looked. The drama is juicier than the one on TV for sure. Then it got me thinking why she acted that way.

Argue, shout, blame, headache!

To be honest, I never liked going to gyms because you can find members there who can be very superficial and one-dimensional. Perhaps the mad lady who shouted at the consultant is actually angry of the impersonal ways everyone in the gym conducted themselves,. Everyone in gym just doing their own things without really socialising with each other. So many lonely souls in the sea of people.

In my heart, I do understand the pressures of their working lives nowadays. A lot of people are doing business corruptly and underhandedly, which leads to more people being dissatisfied and disconnected with the outside world. I am thankful that I was able to experience this drama in the gym as an outsider. (believe me, I got into such drama before) But it also saddens me, because we can all be better, except maybe we don't want to try anymore.

So what went wrong? I've decided to write my next entry "How to Exude Charisma Effortlessly".