Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Road Less Travelled could be the Lesson of a Lifetime. So what you waiting for?

Donate stuff to feel peaceful within
  It all started with this recyle box. When one's life is filled with too many material stuff, I find it so releasing and nurturing to my soul when I donate stuff away. Stuff that I no longer use or those that holds memories you just wish it'll go away. But humans make mistakes, you can accidentally donated stuff that you still cherishes. That's what happens to me. Losing stuff helps me to readjust my inner self and to be detach to material. Somehow I decided to take a trip to the recycle centre to really find out if my missing stuff is still there.

Preparation that leads to excitement
So I tried to locate the place of this recycle centre and did some homework online about its location and how to get there. The recycle centre is located all the way at Batu 14, Kajang. My adventure spirit seems to be awakened for it is nice to break away from the usual route of life in the city and search for a place foreign to me. Finding my missing stuff is just another excuse for me to take the journey. This stuff remains a mystery here.

Be kind to other people, and others will be kind too
Like the saying in my Artiste Training Course "A guide only will appear when you are ready". On the way to the recycle centre, I managed to stumble upon my guide. And she's going to the exact location I'm after! She's a beautiful Indian girl and we talked and shared a lot about our lives. It's comforting to know her father loves her more than her mother, who apparently abandons her. All mothers are not whom they're supposed to be as seen in the media. They can be irresponsible too. When her stop arrives, I bid her goodbye.

We are all beautiful & the same
My attention was then on the teenage girls in the bus because one was wearing so much make-up, she practically looked like a lost doll! The other was wearing a tudung and tight blouse. Both of them looked beautiful and truly unique to me. To others they may look "over", but to me they are the essence of what makes us human in the first place. Hey, I fell onto the seats of the bus when the driver turned a curb and laughed at myself hysterically. I enjoy watching people and am thankful we are all unique but really are the same deep inside.

Bird shop..chirp, chirp, chirp

Chinese cemetery beside

Expect it to be harder than you imagined
The location map of the recycle centre is not really precise for interpretation. On a foreign journey like this, one needs major location points to help map out the road, like the bridge that crosses the river Sungai Langat, the police station (as seen in the map) just right before the bridge, the tiles factory and finally the recycle centre. I was expecting very early on that it's going to be an unexpectedly long journey, and it was. I had to walk quite long distances beside the main road, but truly loved every moment of it! While looking for the recycle centre, I saw an eeerie Chinese cemetery just by the roadside. The weather was cooling. Also spotted a row of abandoned housing project and a few colonial style shophouses with their interesting business operation: a birds specialty shop, car repair and mostly eateries.
Finally here, but where's my stuff?

It's not about getting what you want
Finally arrived the recycle centre, after a very long walk. Passed through the guard who was kind to show me the space where all the donated stuff are properly categorised. He then introduced me to the staff there who showed me a pile of stuff where my missing stuff is supposedly categorised in. In my heart, I knew this would be the result. But I am fine about not getting back the stuff I mistakenly donated. It could be that I didn't donate it to the recycle centre in the first place or I might have thrown it out in the rubbish bin. All is well. Knowing I have a long journey back, I hurriedly took a quick pee and immediately set to begin my journey back to the bus-stop.

You are beautiful no matter what they say
It's truly the experience you seek, not the material
The feeling of familiarity began to set in for those who are going back after they first set trail looking for a location. I am more relaxed now, for I know the road "home". I began to wonder about the lives of folks living in such a hassle-free and non-commercialised environment. They all seem very relaxed and easy-going. On the way, I found a "shortcut" through the grass, where I was able to reach the bridge crossing the Sungai Langat just slightly faster. But I'm in no hurry. On the bridge, I came across this beautiful woman standing over and looking at the river. The waters below is so calming, I just want to loiter a while and inhale the atmosphere. I loved the way she dressed, which was "awkward" to stiff city folks, but to me: she was just expressing who she truly is, without fear and worry. And that's wonderful. Salute!

Care for a cup?
A journey's end is another new journey's beginning
I always remember to reward myself after such an "adventure". There's a coffee shop at the corner of the traffic lights and bus route where I can easily spot the coming bus at a distance. So I ordered a drink and watch all the vehicles passing by, while waiting for my bus. A journey like this is invigorating and life-affirming to me because I get to use the whole of me: my mind to plan ahead this journey and heart to cushion whatever results of my discovery would be. Then I have to be aware of my surroundings so I won't miss the location. It's all very good to tread on a road less taken which sheds light to life lessons one already long knew in his heart.

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