Saturday, October 9, 2010

Jealousy - do you more harm than good

Since opening this blog, I received almost 10 -20 anonymous comments daily. Of course, I prefer not to publish these anonymous comments (even if they are positive comments) because they usually either wrote some celebrity's name or some cynical comment. So it's safer and easier for me to assume all anonymous comments to be non-contributive to my blog. There are also some past students I knew with some very bad attitude (you know who you are), and perhaps he or she feeling dejected or jealous of other students (or even me, God forbids) who are better than them and just post these anonymous comments thinking I will read them?

Only cowards hide under anonymity
Sorry to inform you again, I don't even have time to go thru anonymous comments, for I have so many things to do! Because to save time and focus my energy on writing helpful articles for other really sincere aspiring artistes to read, I have enabled my blog to automatically delete all the cowardly anonymous comments. Cowardly because they don't even dare to reveal their names and blog address in the first place. It's sad why so many of these so-called aspiring artistes like to post anonymous comments thinking they will get any sort of attention. And seriously, time is too precious and rare to deal with them.

Only fools be jealous of other people
There's some talents in the industry who are just plain angry or dejected over their lack of jobs. So they seek to vent out their frustration on other people. These sort of talents do not wish to learn from their mistakes and always seek shortcuts in getting what they want in the entertainment industry. They either pretend to be interested to join our course, thinking for achieving their ambition quickly. They don't realise how much hardwork, time and learning goes in before actually getting a job (like the KFC commercial I did recently). And they like to belittle other people's achievements, thinking they can do better than you. (which they aren't, or else why would they post anonymous comments, right?)

Be brave enough to reveal yourself
If you truly want to be an artiste, my advice is not to be afraid. Open up yourself and show the world who you really are. That's the fact when you are an artiste, everybody is going to know you right? So how are you going to be an artiste when you stay anonymous? If you think by posting anonymous negative comments and getting away with it, you actually don't. Your conscience will stay with you because you know YOU posted it. And worst, this negative action eats inside of you and makes you even more bitter. For the rest of us here, we don't even care because what is there to care about when you don't even bother to put a name and your blog address to identify yourself? It's really stupid and time-wasting to be jealous of other people when you should be taking actions in advancing yourself and being more transparent.

A community to share and help others
The purpose I create this blog is to unite all other aspiring artistes and other people (not in artiste line) to come together and become a community to share helpful and contributive ideas. So being brave and showing the real you is important in your next step to becoming an artiste when posting a comment. At least the people reading this blog knows who you are. Consider this blog a platform for you to be brave enough to share your thoughts and perhaps even gain some publicity for yourself as a good talent. I will not allow others to belittle your comments if they are sincere and helpful (that's why again I don't even publish comments for certain blog entries here). Unless of course, these anonymous commentators want to continue to be jealous of other people and be bitter. Don't blame me for your bitterness and jealousy. I have already told you so here.