Thursday, August 5, 2010

Let the adventure spirit beckons..humbly in a bus!

Some heat is good for you
Whenever an artiste is not busy working, he needs another project to keeps him going. Speaking for myself, I now have the time to start my little kitchen project. That means going to many electrical and kitchenware shops and scour for stuff. During the start of this project, I decided to be adventurous and took a bus ride. It was the only tiny little bus where NO ONE wants to sit in! As usual, I always like to help the underdog. So I decided to take this bus, when no one else in the bus stop care to even step in.

Stimulation from something so humble
It must be the heat. Whenever a person is hot, his mind will go elsewhere. Sitting in this bus, the heat inside activates some teenage memory I had back in my schooldays when I usually commute to school by public transportation. Sometimes the wind that comes through the window brings relief (look at first picture). You also get to feel the environment outside the busy road, which brings some form of interaction as compared to an air-conditioned bus where you are enclosed from the outside world. Some people like that, to be somewhat like a hermit, but I'm not. I love the textures and vibrations that is really stimulating to the mind and soul.

We are all fooled by the latest technology
As an actor, I am constantly seeking stimulating environments to help me awaken some long forgotten, or deeply buried emotions. So sitting inside this empty bus, I really get to observe little things like the writings on the walls. Warnings like "don't smoke" and "hold the handle" being sprayed is becoming a relic now, instead of the modern way of actually lighting the signages in neon lights.

It takes an underdog to understand one
I love people. Not all people. But those people who are really genuinely honest and hardworking folks like the bus driver and ticket collector (picture). The old Chinese male driver and female ticket collector must be having a hard time getting people into the bus. At the few of the bus stops, both of them cried out to the waiting passengers outside, but getting ignored instead. Most of the passengers prefer to wait for a better air-conditioned bus.

Support the unpopular, question the popular
In that hot humid bus, it got me thinking. Only certain artistes would be attracted to step into a bus like this. Nowadays, most people want the flashy modern and ultra comfortable bus coaches. All glamour and easy comfort. But to be real artistes, you truly must try something different in your life. This little humble bus could make you think in a new way. And appreciate the value of hardwork.