Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Independence Day - what it means to be truly merdeka when our ability to love & think is truly set free. Here's an intimate book for how "A General Theory of Love"

I discovered this book quite some years ago, and managed to find it again to browse through the pages. The book is titled "A General Theory of Love" by Thomas Lewis, Fari Amini and Richard Lannon.

Seeking love as an artiste
As an artiste, like it or not, we all seek love. Love from our partners. Love from our audience. Love from a potential employer (in this case: film directors and producers) But not all of us are lucky enough to get this "love". The loss or absence of this love should leave us wondering why it happened, and not pushing us to blame. A self-discovery is needed, and here is where this book proved to be very useful.

Now, not many people can stomach a book such as this, for it is a very detailed investigation into our human "love system". But be delighted by the use of beautiful prose and various analogies that make reading this book effortless.

The purpose is love, always
As artistes, to be successful really, you'll need to understand the purpose of our lives. And like it or not, it is basically to love. Personally, I embarked on this life of an artiste is really for the love in general. But I don't always get what I want. I believe it is a good thing, for it makes us contemplate about this life and reorganise our values again. Since it's our Merdeka Day, I think it's not enough we celebrate the past glories of liberation without truly liberating our minds first.

We are all blinded by superficiality, getting poorer by our desires
Success only blinds us. Failures help us learn more. Sometimes we get jealous of hearing other people more successful than us, or married some rich  datuk/datin. It's an awfully strenuous world we're living in, when so much is emphasized on the superficial: money, looks, status, fame, celebrity. And so little, almost nothing is dedicated to finding the inner-self. This book definitely helps me in understanding most of my angst, insecurities and frustrations in the early life of my artiste career. I hope it'll help other aspiring artistes too in the beginning of their journey. Love is not a fleeting desire, but finding contentment with what you have and how you use it.

Understanding love to be stronger
This book truly opens up my mind as to why most of us failed to truly love a person, the way we're brought up by our parents and its effects into adulthood, how to look deep in ourselves and discover the strength within. It also opens up my mind as to why we as Malaysians are weak in ways that we could actually be much stronger, but chose not to. Strangely, this book in some ways, helped me too in my acting technique. A word of encouragement: things that don't have anything to do with acting can surprisingly helps you in your skill. So open up your mind and explore! Or take our Artiste Training Course.

Correct the wrong starts with ourselves
In the end, all our successes and failures mean nothing if we don't ask what is love. In fact, nothing means anything lest there is love. This book could liberate some of us who are "hazy" or blur" about our relationship choices. It could make you see how wrong and chaotic our current world system is, and clear your understanding in finally finding love, hopefully for yourself despite your past disappointments.