Friday, August 13, 2010

How to clinch that commercial job

During my Artiste Training Course consultations, I received a lot of doubts from my potential students about their future in acting. Some of them complained that they lacked the "connection" or the "total package". Their doubts are all true and very real. Then, I posed them a question "Do you have the passion for acting?"

The definition of Passion
Passion is a very important ingredient in the life of an artiste. Now let me inform the readers here that passion is NOT about being emotional. Do not mistake passion as being this crazy genius portrayed in movies who are restless and can sometimes be delirious, which caused them to be undecided most of the times of what they want. Do not mistake passionate people as those who are negatively critical of others or dress up in a certain way. Far, far away from it.

Have the eagerness to learn
Being a true artiste is having this quiet, inner strength that enjoys what he is pursuing in his artistic field and gaining new knowledge everyday in propelling his ambition, despite what others may say about him. Learning is key. Sad to say, a majority of my potential students I've interviewed just don't have the propensity for learning. Most of them are so full of themselves, and have alot of pre-conceived ideas of the industry, like they know it all already. These students seem to think of themselves as smart already and people should already take them as artistes.

Know the why
Very sad, because I began to question WHY they want to pursue the life of an artiste? To me, the life of an artiste is really defined by the quality of your work. Not glamour, not popularity. There are times you have to go all out, but there are also times when you just have to sit back and be patient. So passion is an important ingredient. Once you realise your passion, then you're well on your way to clinching that job, of any kind.

Know the details
Because true passion will make you try again and again, even if you fail a thousand times. It is because passion made you study the details in your craft and technique first, so the performance is perfected in your head without wearing you out easily when you finally perform. Studying takes time and reading and referring to the right teacher. Also, passionate people knows who they truly are, and be themselves without fear. They simply have to be themselves, or they will just die! They also approve others for being themselves too, without any judgements.

So I hope these anecdotes help all you aspiring artistes out there in pursuing your dream job. Of course, there are more details you should obtain to beefing up your quality as an artiste, but these are just for brevity sake. Why not take up an Artiste Training Course to learn more? Warning: not all students will be accepted, only the truly passionate kind of course and that will be verified after an interview. Sadly to say, even now, I have yet to admit any new good students.