Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Exclusive Fashion Event - Drink, Talk & Be Merry

Get exclusive invitation happy-lah? Wait till you see the price tags
This exclusive fashion event is for credit card members only. For this brand, I think it is more famous for its handbags and accessories range. I invited one of my potential personal assistant candidates (still on trial) to attend to see how he fares in accompanying me in this sort of social setting. An ideal testing bed for future employee...smart right? (blink-blink) Personally, I was surprised to get this invitation from this particular credit card. Usually they want us to buy stuff in this kind of events. And mind you, these stuff are expensive! Over RM1000 for a bag, no kidding.

A peer into the goodie bag - surprise? ...Nop
Usually for this type of event, I never thought the crowd was going to be big. The stated time was 6.30pm, but way before that, guests were starting to arrive in droves already, thanks to the spy information provided by this potential PA (scores one point already, good...good). As usual, I like to be on time, not to arrive too early or too late either. After registering my name, I received a goodie bag consisted of a Royal Selangor pewter gift, key chain, a small note pad, 2 vouchers (one for eyebrow trimming, which I'm NOT going to use OUCH!) and a brochure. Nothing valuable I can use but my potential PA was keen to get one for himself. So I tried to get one for him, but it's for registered guests only. Too bad. But he got a picture of me and him together for the event photographer, so hopefully it'll help him get some publicity too. Watch out for the picture and story, for it'll be in the press soon.

Couch loving men, display grabbing ladies
I love observing people in a crowded event such as this. You will notice most of the ladies will be up on their feets, scouring through the racks and displays, while the men would mostly be sitting in the lounge area (see the pictures). There was this group of women whom I noticed, just gathered and chit chat among themselves without even checking out the items on display like the rest of the racing pack. Aha, we shared something in common. Slowly we come together like a pin to a magnet.

Help each other during social gatherings - talk!talk!talk!
It was nice to see some familiar faces in event of this sort. Immediately we struck up a very quick conversation and talked. In exchanges like these, words come up really rapidly and information process is extra speedy. I told them of some negative experience I had with so and so and they totally agreed with me that such people are not fit to do business. It's nice to have someone to share your feelings and warn each other of whom not to trust and most importantly why. Some of these people are from well respected companies, so they know the meaning of fairness and work ethics.

Binge on the food if you're not buying
If you're not buying anything in an event like this, then you better fill up on the food and drinks. They served finger foods like popiahs, meat balls, fried rice and mee in small cup portions and lastly for desserts some delicious coconut jelly, which I managed to stain on all over my jeans. But it's already fulfilling for me. Maybe it's because of the alcoholic beverages, cocktails and champagne that seem to put a spell on my hunger (and also trying to loosen my purse string, but that won't work for I am disciplined already). I tried every type of the alcoholic drinks served. The bartender wasn't particularly good in serving the guests, and were rude to the guests in some instances. And I'm telling you, these bartenders aren't Chinese or Indian - also can serve alcoholic beverages, if you know what I mean?

After the event, I am whisked off home, feeling extremely tired and already anticipating a hangover looming in my head. Really gain nothing from all these fralalas and hahahas. But at least I managed to get some dinner. And the food caterer for this event is from some very expensive restaurant. Nearly forget, also get to socialise with some people and show off my hat and clothes. Enough said. My mind and body are already drifting into a drunken stupor.