Monday, February 15, 2010

The right way to conduct a casting session: where everyone had a great time!

This is the way auditions should be done in the future. My principle is PEOPLE. No matter who they are, talents should be treated like simply they are people: FAIRNESS & COURTESY. I've attended a number of audition sessions in my life, and I think there's always a better way to treat talents. The right talents, that is. Some audition sessions want to make the talents scared. Or intimidate them. Or show they don't care about them at all.

Forget about those talents who are undisciplined, bossy and diva-like. I'm talking about real human beings who are out there and really want to show their ability to perform (not simply their good looks). These deserving and truly ambitious talents are:
A)DANIEL(the one in red & black striped shirt),
B)DARREN (the one strangling me),
C)ISKI (the bald one). ISKI describes himself as "a fun guy, will play a lot, but very kiasu when it comes to work. For fun, I bake and especially LOVE to dance Argentine Tango, even did a few performances here and there"
D) EVA (the one putting a finger on her lips),
E)BABU (the one hugging me) and
F)FALLIQ (the one sucking my neck).
NOTE: Those following this blog, kindly VOTE your favourite talent by simply just posting a comment on this blog entry if you want (Example: I vote for A.DANIEL). This is NOT a contest, just a way for me to gauge which of these talents you like (for future job reference perhaps?). No winners or losers here. You can choose not to post anything if you want to.

The purpose of a casting session, in my opinion, is to extract the talents' best performance. When you got a group of right talents, shower them the best care in guiding them through the process. Being courteous and professional is key. And look what you'll get? FUN & LAUGHTER all the way.