Sunday, February 7, 2010

Only nice, genuine people begets nice, genuine people...(and some ex-students & fans)

The secret is to enter any event or new situation without any expectations. And you'll be pleasantly SURPRISED. Yes, indeed. Being a first time attendee of this event, I managed to stumble upon a few of my ex-students formerly from my Artiste Training Course. They were all so pleasant and happy to meet their ex-teacher. And also some who had seen me on TV acting before. Gulp, I hope my real-life presence does not disappoint their expectations from what they've seen onscreen.

Of course the event had a few grand prizes to attract the crowd. Sadly, me and a few of my newfound friends didn't win anything (not even a lousy consolation prize, except the guy whom you see in the picture I was trying to "suck" out his luck aka me the Luck Vampire- he won the grand prize of RM8,888 worth of dreams & his name is Keat. Oui Keat, if you're reading this, I'm expecting you to fly me FIRST-CLASS to your world-marathon tour in Europe. I won't run, but I'll be a great cheerleader :-)

After the prize-giving ceremony, and us licking our wounds off each other feeling somewhat defeated & also sad to say goodbye (thank goodness I have you guys to share my misery, boo-hoo), I suddenly came to a greater realization of thankfulness for I got something much more better than the carrot-totting-to-attract-donkey prize: a great time out with all the laugh-out fun of hearing others talking about their dreams. Jue, I really think you should use the money for a nice pewter trophy instead of tiny "bulat" medals because if you're to showcase your medals to your friends later, they might suspect you buying yourself the medals just to show-off your past running "victories", instead of actually winning a real one. Just an idea, hehe. (love your running shirt with the cat design, eye-catching!) Sam, so glad to had shared our first "gossip" together of the Alice-in-Wonderland girl.(and being an USM girl, you've got the smarts NOT to share your parasite-germ-infectious field before our dinner)

I won't mention who the other winners are (except you Keat, and I'm still expecting a free trip to Europe with you ja?). But from my sharp observation, I remembered the skinny, cutesy, bespectacled, shorts-wearing lad who won the grand prize with extra RM1,888 cash! Now, how are you planning to use this thick wad of cash if not to invite all of us kind bloggers who gave u an honorable mention here? (slap my face with it, I don't mind) Oh well, I won't expect such a treat from these so-called "winners" (people like this usually already forget their supporters after they got what they want, true? Except you Keat, right? Ting-ting!). The only thing a poor folk like myself can do is to bask in the loving recent memory of my newfound friends whom I hope will continue to keep in touch by following my humble blog here.

Besides the awfully tiring running-for-nothing luckless contest, the organisers were smart enough to compensate the rest of us who get no prizes with some exquisite-looking food. Truly, an event like this is always fun to have nice, genuine people around. Like the saying goes "Birds of the same feathers flock together". LUCKILY, I've always made it a priority to be NICE & GENUINE to everyone I've met (especially my students and fans). And those whom I met are equally nice & genuine too: Keat, Sam, Jue, Kevin etc. (and a lot of others whom I cannot recall your names but were kind enough to approach me to say "hello", please post a comment here to remind me your name, THANKS!) And that great luck IS already mine for this coming Chinese New Year, regardless of not winning any prizes.